Music as a super TV in line with the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction subsidy of


December 9th news, with the new round of energy-saving emission reduction policies in the full implementation of Beijing, many businesses have begun to implement. It is reported that the domestic leading brands of smart TV music as a super TV, the mainstream models are in line with the policy of energy saving and emission reduction, the maximum amount of subsidy of up to 800 yuan, LETV mall, Jingdong and other super TV sale platform have started the implementation of this policy.

reporter learned that the energy-saving emission reduction of goods including meet the quality standards of the state television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and other 9 categories of products, according to different energy levels or categories of subsidies from the standard 8% – 20% range, all products of the highest subsidy allowance is 800 yuan. During the implementation of the policy (November 27, 2015 to November 30, 2018), the Beijing region in line with the object of subsidies for each category of goods can only have 1 units (one) to enjoy subsidies.

in the smart TV industry in the dominant brand of music as a super TV for example, LETV mall in the sale of over 3 X40/ 3 X43/ 3 X55/ 3 X55 Pro/ super super super 3 Max65/Max 70 mainstream models are in line with the policy of energy saving and emission reduction. The subsidy policy, in accordance with the standard price of single super TV bare subsidies, only members can participate in the hardware machine price subsidies, membership based on the discount calculation, and membership can enjoy both the bare metal machine up to 800 yuan subsidy policy.

It is reported that

, the amount of subsidy by the sales enterprises to consumers in advance, consumers do not need the invoice to the relevant departments to receive subsidies, save a lot of trouble. In other words, consumers in the purchase of the goods will be deducted directly from the payment of subsidies, purchase and receive subsidies for a time, simplifying the process of receiving subsidies.

in addition, if consumers buy goods subsidies are to carry out discount promotions, businesses should be calculated in advance subsidy funds according to the sales price discount promotion. This can be understood as, consumers can enjoy the discount discount on discount. Want to buy music as a super TV consumers, you can visit the music as the mall PC side (, mobile terminal ( or download music as the mall App query.

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