WAL MART wholly acquired 1 store electricity supplier can counter attack

– trainee newspaper reporter Liu Si

The big event

recently stirred retail loops and electric consumption, not the world’s largest retailer WAL-MART wholly acquired 1 shops.

July 23rd, WAL-MART Department Store Co., Ltd. announced that it has acquired the remaining stake in store 1, a wholly owned electricity supplier platform to complete its electricity supplier layout in china.

in fact, as early as in 2012, WAL-MART has held a nearly 51% stake in shop No. 1, with the largest right to speak, and after a lapse of three years, WAL-MART finally chose a wholly owned holdings of shop No. 1, why not?

senior insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, "WAL-MART entered the shop 1, three years on the No. 1 store integration is actually quite unsuccessful," moderate ", while WAL-MART Shop No. 1" burn "long-term dependence. Yu Gang, co-founder and former chairman of the shop 1 what ideas need to be audited by WAL-MART, the difference between the two great business philosophy. The acquisition of WAL-MART, a wholly owned shop 1, perhaps due to the equity accounted for more of the China Ping an initiative, while the proportion of equity accounted for just and Liu Qiang relatively small".

it is worth noting that, whether it is WAL-MART wholly with shop No. 1, or the layout of supermarkets O2O platform of its own Sugoo, Sam’s Club online store and APP, is a kind of self-help behavior of traditional retailers face the impact of electricity providers, but in fact, shop No. 1, Jingdong, including Suning, fly cattle network e-commerce platform is still in the state of losing money, retailers how to win the war, remains to be seen.

a failed marriage in China and foreign countries

three years later, WAL-MART finally chose a wholly owned acquisition of shop No. 1, what happened in the past three years,


at the beginning of this year, the media exposed the 1 store founder in just have not come to the No. 1 store located in Shanghai headquarters office, then there is news that many companies have to shop No. 1 company dig, these unstable factors, recently finally get to the bottom.

July 23rd, WAL-MART announced the acquisition of the remaining 1 stake in the store, a wholly-owned holding. In 2012, WAL-MART bought nearly 51% stake in shop No. 1, and from the China Ping An and the number of stores, co-founder, former chairman Yu Gang and former chief executive officer of the hands of the acquisition of the remaining shares in the hands of Liu Junling.

senior insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter, three years, the integration of WAL-MART and No. 1 store is not successful, since WAL-MART holding 2012 "shop No. 1" 51%, the original team contradiction with WAL-MART has not stopped, the two sides basically fight the enemy separately.

WAL-MART finally from China Ping An and just before the acquisition of the remaining shares in the hands of CEO Liu Junling, it is likely to have a larger stake in China Ping An want to sell equity. In the gang and Liu Junling have less equity, the right to speak less, plus to just rely on the ‘burn’ strategy used to expand.

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