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previously at the end of October has been the business case, allegedly to take legal means to support consumers to recover losses, Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) Beijing a consumer for Amazon to unilaterally cancel the order, the contract dispute case to the courts. The consumer Xia told reporters yesterday that the lawsuit has been filed by the people’s Court of Chaoyang District. Yesterday to the deadline, the reporter did not contact on amazon.

in September 5th of this year, in the Amazon’s promotional activities in October 5th, after a number of consumer orders, Amazon was canceled on the grounds of goods and orders to cancel. According to Mr. Xia said, when it appears in the order of goods, after being canceled without notice on the grounds.

Mr. Xia said yesterday on the Beijing News reporter, he has two times in September 5th and October 5th in the promotional activities purchased a total of 4 watches, and received the order confirmation email amazon. After the Amazon to promote special products, limited supply shortage caused by the grounds of the unilateral cancellation of goods orders, and delete orders.

later, Amazon said, due to larger shipments during the promotion period, often really exist shortage of stocks, manufacturers can not deploy coordination, will not continue to perform the content of the order, for the consumers to pay 10 yuan gift card.

"my order has been audited, (Amazon) can no longer be limited due to lack of supply to refuse to fulfill delivery obligations." Mr. Xia said. He asked the Amazon in the indictment which continue to perform the contract, and bear the cost of the case and other related fees.

according to our reporter, has been from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and other places consumers are prepared to submit an indictment to the court.

prior to October 26th, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry Chaoyang Branch has said that Amazon does not fulfill the consumer orders for investigation. This reporter has learned that the two filing for the same reason.

lawyer explained that the two case is independent of each other, and have the power of administrative law enforcement, the main responsibility is the supervision business, if the punishment of the Amazon, is only to false propaganda by punishment, irreparable losses to consumers. If consumers want to recover the loss, can only take legal means.


frequently "no show"

in the early morning of November 11th, Amazon released a Chinese book full of 300 minus the coupon of 150. And said the coupon will be extended to 11 23:59. 11 afternoon, consumers have found coupons can not be used properly. 11 on the evening of more than 7 points, Amazon China issued a statement by the official micro-blog, said the book is full of $300 minus $150 early termination activities.

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