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Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning in Stanford University, delivered a speech

sina science and technology news Beijing time on November 21st afternoon news, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning today at the Stanford University, published a theme from the perspective of the development of Suning look at how the enterprise transformation and innovation. Zhang Jindong believes that not only the online retail enterprises in the future or line, is the perfect integration of online and offline O2O mode, only pure electric mode transition.

he also reviews Suning founded more than and 20 years several major restructuring decisions, that Suning must promote the transformation of the Internet to implement the strategy of ruling courage, O2O and open platform, to start a new venture road. At the end of the speech, Zhang Jindong called for more Silicon Valley science and technology talent to join Suning, jointly promote the transformation of the internet.

Suning Tuesday in Silicon Valley city core (Palo Alto), Palo Alto established Silicon Valley Research Institute, mainly engaged in the research of search, big data and high performance computing etc.. This is Suning’s first overseas R & D center, the future also plans to set up R & D department in the United States, Seattle and New York.

following Zhang Jindong speech record:

transformation and innovation of China’s retail industry from the perspective of Suning development

teachers and students:

Hello everyone. Very happy, was invited to the world famous Stanford University, and fellow teachers and future business talent exchange theme — Transformation and innovation of enterprises.

why should we talk about this topic? It is because we are in an era of change, a lot of new things like tide Pumianerlai, such as O2O, big data, networking, 3D printing etc.. So these two years old I went to the United States, is to grasp the forefront of technology and business trends, in May last year, I went to Seattle to attend the world summit of Microsoft CEO, with Bill · Mr. Gates discussed changing the new technology of the industry, the evening at Bill’s dinner, Mr. Buffett as in the past is full passion and vitality, see I said early began to pay attention to our business, and half jokingly pulled out his wallet to me, means to investment transformation of suning.

today at Stanford University, see you full of youthful spirit, let me suddenly seem to back when I just start 23 years ago. At that time, I was only more than and 20 years old, and you almost age, discarded at the time of the Chinese people in the eyes of the iron rice bowl, do a 200 square meters of air-conditioning franchise stores. From small to large, from regional to national, to Hongkong, Japan, today came to the United States, Suning’s experience is not a rival Everything is going smoothly., dogged, confused transition pains, also beyond striking corners, but we are persistent, confident and calm, each spanning a difficulty will get reborn leap growth opportunities.

from the perspective of the history of the development of the global retail industry, there are three stages

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