Double eleven has not yet to talk about my understanding of it

Taobao double eleven still have a few hours to pass, but leave you thinking and shock is still continuing.

2012, ten is the first third years, its market influence began to significantly improve, only 2012.11.11 day turnover reached 11 billion 200 million yuan RMB, it seems very crazy is incredible at the time. But this year’s double eleven after only 38 minutes to reach this number, it’s no wonder that we all have had a double eleven be struck dumb, so many years, why everyone’s enthusiasm was so high.

In fact,

Alibaba to build the "double eleven" is not only to prepare the singles, more is to design for love online shopping online shopping and even less chance of people, everyone is attracted by the half wantonly release of consumer desire, and this is accompanied by a more powerful force in the campaign became very hot from this point, Ali build double eleven brands electricity supplier to increase the unlimited business opportunities, and greatly improve the electricity supplier practitioners income, it can be said that this day is the business of the carnival, as long as you have the ability, you can take this day to buy buy buy, also can make a full full this, Ali sing the beautiful, but also provides a new direction for the future development of the electricity supplier hot, electricity supplier planning activities is to provide a successful model of.

from the point of view of long-term significance of the establishment of double eleven this brand, it has become the Alibaba’s lucky tree in a cycle, which can be seen from the Alibaba today’s IPO index, presumably Ma also smiles, the development process and this will further promote the listing of Alibaba and Alipay related business eleven, double hot in hot at the same time also brought Ali business development in another area, is the field of mobile providers, it is understood that the mobile payment terminal double eleven accounted for approximately fifty-eight percent, and double eleven against time to seize the opportunity of the moment, so the mobile terminal is more suitable for the double eleven, change the development of mobile terminal will bring business and related advertising services, Ali created the double eleven culture is linked together, with exquisite .

To promote Ali

dual eleven can be said to be strong, but only good things not worth worrying about things? Obviously not, double eleven is booming, but the problem is hidden behind the needle see blood.

this is the first time buying spree for the logistics industry, the impact of this and our country at present is not perfect the logistics industry is not matched, the staff working time of China’s logistics industry and logistics industry practitioners overtime, training time is insufficient, poor logistics experience caused thereby, the online shopping experience will decline, although we do not deny that the hard-working employees, but we can’t face those extremely bad attitude of the logistics personnel, and although China traffic developed, but still can not meet the double this day eleven great logistics capacity, so the double eleven also means for. >

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