Accelerate business transformation Foxconn electricity supplier comeback

Li Na

global electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn in mainland investment accelerated at the same time, also in taking the pace of business transformation.

recently, Taiwan "Economic Daily" reported that the Taiwan Foxconn parent company Hon Hai recently officially launched rich trade mall (FoxconnMall), the main precision machinery industrial B2B business. "First Financial Daily" reporters yesterday login to the site found that the rich trade mall copyright Shenzhen Fujin machine network technology Co., Ltd. all the main industrial products, including mechanical equipment, testing equipment, equipment parts, automobile parts, mold standard parts and other 16 categories of business.

in fact, Foxconn in recent years has been actively seeking transformation, while Hon Hai is a key part of the channel to extend the industrial chain, carrying the transition from OEM to commerce, logistics and technology service dream. But before that, Foxconn in the electricity supplier business progress is not smooth.

"front shop after factory" mode

from the rich trade mall on-line presentation, Foxconn 3D stores, customized services, financial services, logistics services as its advantages.

Foxconn insiders told reporters earlier, Foxconn is hoping the resources and electricity supplier channels of channel partners, the traditional trade products "landing", a direct step to reach the hands of the purchaser, which is also in line with the actual situation of economic investment.

as early as last March, Foxconn on the announcement to increase investment in the mainland, which is more concerned by the outside world, including in Shandong, Linyi gold machine business city.

has said that the investment gold machine business city involving $42 million, is mainly engaged in the design and development of precision components manufacturing, sales, sales, leasing and maintenance services, the future will take electronic materials before the shop sales model. The industry generally believe that the gold machine business city with Foxconn’s website "Fujin machine network collaboration, popularized by the Fujin machine network virtual channel, and gold machine business city as the entity support channels. Based on research, Foxconn precision components existing in mold design and production advantages, mainly engaged in the actual situation B2B integration.

from the line of "behind the rich trade mall" company, seems to confirm the above logic: the rich trade mall by Shenzhen Fujin machine network technology independent all operations, through the rich trade mall, Foxconn want to build for the one-stop precision machinery industrial products sales in Greater China B2B procurement platform.

electricity supplier development is not smooth

downturn in recent years, is a major cause of Foxconn determined to do electricity supplier. Relevant data show that in 2012, Foxconn group, a loss of $310 million in 2013; although losses, but revenue fell 4.6% to $4 billion 990 million; the first half of 2014, turnover of $2 billion 283 million, down 7.8%, which is Foxconn for four consecutive years of decline.


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