Eric Video shopping era of integrity will help them seize the shopping market share

recently announced the launch of the cool 6 network video shopping channel, which became the world’s first cool video network to create a video shopping platform. Domestic authoritative research institutions Ai Rui believes that the birth of the cool 6 video shopping platform marks the advent of the era of video shopping.

is different from the previous form of online shopping, video shopping platform is based on the birth of the traditional online shopping innovation. In order to protect the interests of consumers, to get rid of the fraud in online shopping, video shopping will show the true information of goods through the intuitive, three-dimensional form, and further safeguard the interests of consumers.

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Chinese online shopping market trend forecast report "data iResearch recently released" shows that China’s online shopping users over the next few years will maintain steady growth is expected in 2011 will exceed 200 million, the market scale reached 570 billion yuan. At present, the domestic consumer market in the field of electronic commerce is huge, and online shopping occupies a large part of them, the annual revenue of about 10 billion. With the increase of the size of the market, in the consumption of the attendant problems, the majority of users where honesty is considered the biggest security risks of online shopping, and the birth of video shopping platform based on to prevent such problems from the essence of the spread, and increase consumer confidence in online shopping, with the aid of stereo display, video shopping online shopping will minimize the risk, reduce the existing problems in the online shopping market.

in addition, as the main manifestation forms of shopping, TV shopping in China also occupies a certain shopping consumer market share, only in 2008, Chinese TV shopping market of more than 10 billion subsidiary industries associated with the scale has reached more than and 300 billion.

if you can occupy a place in such a huge consumer market, then the video shopping revenue brought about by the video site will be self-evident. With the rapid development of the TV shopping industry in stark contrast, the video shopping is still a new industry, how to establish a good image of good faith in the minds of users play a decisive role in the development of video shopping.

iResearch Research Institute Vice President Cao Junbo think, accompanied by a rich variety of goods, traditional retailers to increase the electronic commerce support, more and more enterprises to join the online shopping industry, the scale of China’s online shopping market began explosive growth in 2009, while the video shopping market will grow. Industry experts predict that the future of video technology, as well as the combination of e-commerce, will adjust the competitive situation of the online shopping industry, and even re create a new business model.

6 cool network CEO Li Shanyou in an interview with the relevant interview, also said that the birth of video shopping platform will have a certain impact on the TV shopping market, the future is likely to be a piece of cake to grab the TV shopping area.

it is reported that cool 6 network shopping channel relying on a strong content resources and their own technical advantages, will create a professional, clear

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