Zero cost to do Taobao promotion

do not know what Taobao guest is, Baidu. In fact, the method is very simple, will be able to do on the Internet, but simply to achieve the ultimate, that is NB! The following began to say:

simply say, may have some friends know, do not do, or disdain to do, but I said an example, we do not earn any money now, to consider their own. Taobao customer weekly income ranked thirty-sixth (they let me secure income, I can only tell you an estimate of thousands per week), is this method, ranking the first week of nearly $20 thousand (a Taobao customer account), people are professional team operation, our new hand than not, you can say do.

this method is very simple, in fact, is the use of Q & a platform to do.

we are common, such as Baidu know, search Q & A, Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, and so on, a lot of our search, Q & a platform there are large 10, do you believe you each occupation, will not earn money, may be


in Q & a platform, search such as slimming, weight loss, breast enhancement, plasticity, whitening, beauty, and so many words, there will be problems, here we selected questions with long tail keywords as the title of Kazakhstan (commonly known as the title of the party), for example: what is the best diet products

we are the first to bear the unsolved problems to answer, in accordance with the same keywords, Taobao to search related products to customers, and then according to the cumulative volume biggest start point search slightly more professional answer, then take your alimama link, send up. Don’t bother, one is set to the best answer, better than 10 non best answers. Have been the end of the problem, also want to reply, the purpose is wide, because you don’t know what others will enter the keyword search this problem. In addition to reply when you want to use the tone of the people say. At the beginning of the proposal to refer to do a good style to write.

reminded: today you learn about the


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