Ma Yun beyond Microsoft and WAL MART is the mission of Alibaba

editor’s note: Recently, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma accepted the famous talk show host Charlie · in the United States; Ross (Charlie Rose) interview, on the road to success, the future direction of Ali and his wealth of experience and other content, Ma explained.

in the eyes of Ma, the key factor in the success of the enterprise is not innovation itself, but behind the ability of the executive and promoters – enterprise employees. Ma Yun pointed out that entrepreneurs only adhere to this concept, know how to respect the talent, while insisting on the service to do the best, corporate earnings will be inevitable.

is the following Ma and Charlie · Ross talk memoir:

technology is not my business

Ross: How did you get involved in science and technology

Ma Yun: Well, it’s not my career until now. I was determined to become a high school teacher, know nothing about science and technology. I can only send and receive email on the internet.

Ross: can’t you write a program,


Ma Yun: not at all. I’ve always wondered how these programs work. Because I do not understand technology, so I have a respect for science and technology, I hired the best scientific and technical personnel. I believe: Science and technology for people. We want to tell people who do it: what people want and what consumers want. I think eighty percent of the people in the world, like me, love science and technology but do not understand science and technology.

Ross: what was your initial establishment of Alibaba,


Ma: in 1995, I set up China’s first Internet Co. At that time I realized that the Internet will change the world, it has unlimited potential, so I went to learn business.

Ross: do you know that the Internet will change the world?

Ma Yun: Yes, but I didn’t expect it to grow so quickly in more than a decade.

at the beginning of the business, we are just a small company, experienced a lot of difficulties. Now Alibaba has grown, we want to help more small and medium enterprises, to help more entrepreneurs and workers. We help them through the Internet, we help them, they will return to us, so that the company will become more and more powerful.

Ali to do the cornerstone of e-commerce

Ross: what is the future direction of Alibaba


Ma Yun: we still focus on e-commerce, small and medium enterprises and consumers. We want to become the cornerstone of China’s e-commerce. In the field of e-commerce, the United States has a very good business environment, but China in this regard is extremely backward.

Ross: what is your company’s core competitiveness,


Ma Yun: of course, culture, science and technology is just a tool. The staff of our company has moved from the original

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