Wangzhuan gourd type

you should have seen the gourd, why process and income Wangzhuan like this shape, listen to me slowly analysis.

the entrance and the middle of the 2 parts of the narrow, the central and the bottom of the bulge is relatively large, and the bottom is larger than the central bulge. The bottleneck of narrow places on behalf of Wangzhuan big place, projecting your experience and income. It is a true portrayal of a higher process and income from the entrance to the bottom.

1, the first stage first look at the entrance of the bottle gourd, the equivalent of an entry-level contact Wangzhuan, this bottleneck is the basic network for absolutely ignorant of the novice, at present a lot of people do not break the bottleneck.

is a technical, many do not know how to learn to master the basic knowledge and skills of the network, or learn a long time will not, this is one of. There is a way of thinking, always miss the point. For example, do not flow, traffic can not be converted into money, advertising alliance is always poor or no income per day.


is not received any money desperately struggling in the opening of the new, how to solve this problem only by yourself, see and hear more and more exchanges do not know how to use search engines to find. No cyber source so rich you can’t find things, including some top secret information called. Again: Baidu, Google and other search engines is your best teacher!

2, followed by the gourd is the first protruding parts, this part represents the first bottleneck has been broken, resulting in the process of income. For example, in some ways to do Google Adsense, Asia or other advertising alliance generated revenue, or in Taobao, eBay and other transactions have some small gains, such as ~~

these income has much less, more than ten thousand also have close to thousands of income. This time will be immersed in the joy of the future and a good vision of the ~ ~ ~ the next to the third stage.

3, the third stage is the most difficult stage, but also the second bottleneck. The main situation is that income can not break, but also a lot of regression. Can not break through the bottleneck of more people, which contains a technical and thinking.

why technical thinking people are unable to break through this bottleneck? Technology is unable to break through because only mastered the most basic level of technology, can not reach the new state requirements; the main reason is unable to break through the thinking only a small clever lack of wisdom.

There are several

these specific performance, for example: Google, K and union do K, the previous method does not work; there is the site due to improper operation, search engine K station depilates, traffic plummeted, income also disappeared; there is the use of some techniques to do the product, suddenly the alliance declare your income is invalid or canceled with your cooperation; the other is on the Taobao doing a small business is not.

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