Love the flowers listed on the new board acknowledge the brush single 260 thousand pen produced 30 m

April 29th morning news, Shanghai Aishang flower Limited by Share Ltd (securities referred to: love flowers, stock code: 836638) listed on the new board, in its public transfer instructions, the company in 2013 -2015 year in July in order to carry out the business marketing brush out 260 thousand orders, false sales amount more than 30 million yuan to produce a single brush.

love flowers public transfer instructions, love flowers sales model can be divided into O2O business, B2C business, B2B business three. During the reporting period, mainly in the direct sales model earn net profit margins; B2C business mainly by earning between purchase and sale balance profit; B2B business through its own platform, connecting the upstream and downstream of the florist flower base, through a downstream commission to achieve profit. Profit during the reporting period mainly from O2O and B2C business.

is a kind of love flowers flowers vertical, mainly through providing sales and service in Tmall, Jingdong, WeChat and other platforms, from 2013 to July 2015 through the staff or outsourcing staff a total of 260 thousand single brush pen, brush single cost 1 million 754 thousand and 600 yuan, a single brush produced false income totaled 30 million 950 thousand yuan. Among them, the amount of brush in 2015 accounted for 42.02% of the total amount of orders, it can be said that nearly half of the sales are out of the brush.


love flowers released a single brush process in this regard, love flowers explained that scalping is a means of marketing, by company employees or outsourced to external personnel, the company in accordance with the requirements in the various marketing platform orders, in order to improve the company’s product sales ranking in the marketing platform, will help improve the company’s product sales.

and love flowers are also disclosed that a single brush flow. Seen from the data, 2013, 2014, 2015 1-7 month scalping amount to 8701 pen, 90 thousand and 900 pen, 163 thousand and 700 pen, brush pen number accounted for 4.95%, the current sales 24.05%, 42.02%, brush single year "".


love flowers released brush single list love flowers will also produce a large number of these single brush and false income statements. 2015 1-7 months, in 2014, in 2013 the original income of 43 million 135 thousand and 600 yuan, $50 million 460 thousand and 300, $24 million 865 thousand and 800. But a single brush generated orders is not true for sales, listed on the new board, love flowers acknowledged having been organized by the brokerage and accounting firms will generate income after deducting scalping, operating income was changed to 28 million 771 thousand and 400 yuan and 36 million 681 thousand and 400 yuan, 22 million 55 thousand and 900 yuan.


love flowers reveal the true performance and performance of single brush. According to the calculations, these brushes >