The network bank behind the ant payment service will be how to run the financial

following the Tmall, rookie, god horse, the ant is among the Alibaba’s zoo series.

October 16th, Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group Limited was formally established (hereinafter referred to as the LOGO ant payment service), is the only blue ant, Alipay, Alipay wallet, the balance of treasure, treasure, ant small loan and preparation of the commercial bank by the ant payment service governance.

ant payment service originated from the Alibaba, but everywhere to avoid "Alibaba", ant payment service CEO Peng Lei said: "the two are related and important partner, ant gold suit in architecture is a purely domestic companies." The enterprise system, ant gold suit shareholders for the Hangzhou Jun Han equity investment partnership and Hangzhou junao equity investment partnership, which is a direct shareholder investment Ma Jun Han, Lu Zhaoxi, Peng Lei and other executives Ali junao investment partnership holdings.

in the ownership structure, 40% of the shares held by senior executives and employees of ant gold." Peng Lei said that under the premise of obtaining regulatory approval in the future, the ant may serve 33% additional shares of Alibaba group, the remaining 27% for the introduction of other strategic investors. Among them, the proportion of Ma’s personal gold in the ant suit does not exceed its stake in Ali group 7.65%.

for the listing plan, Peng Lei made it clear that there is no timetable, the current consideration is still the next stage of how to do the strategic layout of the problem. According to reports, in 2014, the important business direction of ant gold clothing, including mobile, rural finance and international business.

next step to develop rural and international

payment, has been running through the main business of Alibaba, but the ant is expected to pay the service to expand the gold, then solid.

according to the ant payment service to disclose the data, the number of payment payment service every day at present the ant has more than 80 million pens, including mobile payment accounted for more than 50%, every mobile payment items more than 45 million pen. Alipay mobile wallet active users reached 190 million.

"next ant gold suit to focus more on the basic necessities of life such as micro scene construction." The payment service of domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said, 2014 Alipay wallet important business is introduced based on the service windows platform "Hospital of the future" and "future values", "future travel plans.

, the reporter found that this small micro finance share day activities to pay the new flagship experience signs, the event can experience the "Hospital of the future" and "future car", "future supermarket" and other new payment services.

is an Internet source analysis, application of various payment Alipay wallet payment micro scene, bus or taxi wars or solve all 190 million active accounts in Alipay wallet based on the problem of how to spend money. Basic living scenarios associated with active accounts and various payment scenarios