Alibaba this one analysis of the recent actions of Alibaba

recently Alibaba group action is a little big, first put into the listed Alibaba B2B software business, then YAHOO word-of-mouth network split, word-of-mouth network into, Yahoo China Huanshuai, Taobao honest self-examination, Taobao began to support cash on delivery, there have been rumors of may start the United States market next year, this series of Alibaba big action caused great concern of Internet industry, these actions Sisyphus online marketing consultancy from another angle to look at the Alibaba group, a Alibaba of the analysis.

Before the

analysis, the first picture:


we have likened to a family group Alibaba, Ma is the family authority, Alibaba is the specific business father; and it is a large number of investors money invested in, it gave birth to the Ali group multiple business, the investor is the Ali group’s business mother; Alibaba B2B as Ali group’s eldest son the earliest, the first listed as Ali group; Taobao develop the market of C2C Born’s second son, is now fast; Alipay had just as auxiliary second growth of Taobao’s eldest daughter, did not think of the rapid development, has become the most development potential of the Ali group, Ali software business; and Ali mother are used to assist B2B and C2C’s daughter, they are not so lucky Alipay, slowly planning to B2B and C2C business to YAHOO as Chinese; Ali group’s son, Ma has been his great hope; word-of-mouth network destined from the acquisition of the day is the life maid.

Ma also claimed that his only a short while ago, Damour Wuzhi, B2B, Taobao, Alipay, Ali software, YAHOO reputation, now Damour Wuzhi may become the big Alibaba, a situation of tripartite confrontation, Taobao B2B and Alipay business, YAHOO China advantage Ali group split assets has been completed, the next step is to decide on what path to follow is expected.

as the eldest son of Alibaba B2B business is Ali’s first business, this business is the basic business of Ali group, at least for now. Is the Alibaba B2B business to earn back the money into Taobao, defeated the mighty easy to shoot. As the eldest son, is also the first to appear on the market, get a lot of money to the Ali group’s reputation is good for promotion; still family as the main source of income, although not a few years ago the rapid development momentum, but the market share, revenue, total number of traders and so on at home and abroad have absolute the advantage of. Ali recently announced the inclusion of Ali software, the two daughter of the family, taking into account that is more refined to provide e-commerce services for enterprises, improve the efficiency of e-commerce.


as the second son of Ali family, in support of the Ali family, through a lot of market promotion, get rid of the international extremely easy to shoot, leading independent C2C market, basically has become synonymous with the online shopping. Although the recent debate on Taobao is very large, especially Taobao credit dispute