Cross border electricity supplier going out key layout of Russia

Dongguan international buyers to negotiate meeting to be held tomorrow

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Guan Xudong) Dongguan international buyers to negotiate meeting will be held tomorrow.

electricity supplier in Russia will hold together to Dongguan to carry out business docking activities, and director of the city center, cross-border office director Deng Tao said, this is the Dongguan manufacturing industry first in-depth understanding of the real market in Russia, is conducive to both sides to build a new platform to expand cross-border business contacts, explore the new mode of cross-border electricity supplier.

Russian electricity supplier Baotuan to carry out business docking Dongguan

yesterday, according to the city border office responsible person, in April 9th, by the Dongguan cross-border E-Commerce Association, Chinese Dragon Network Limited company to undertake the "Dongguan international procurement fair conference" will be held in dongguan. It is reported that the conference is also in May this year will be held in Russia "Dongguan · Moscow warm-up activities of cross-border electricity supplier O2O foreign trade fair", the purpose is to let Dongguan manufacturing enterprises understand the product demand and the market situation of Russia in advance.

yesterday, according to dragon network vice president Cui Kai introduced in the Dongguan City Council, cross-border office and the East Street office support, dragon network has invited 50 Russian top retailers to negotiate the purchase of dongguan.

these retailers mainly to 3C electronics, bags, bathroom hardware, beauty care, fitness equipment, outdoor sports products for the current procurement hot. This is the first by the Russian electricity supplier in China to carry out business Baotuan docking activities. By then, the Dongguan based more than and 300 manufacturing enterprises will have the opportunity to conduct a one to one negotiations with Russian buyers." Deng Tao said.

, the biggest feature of this conference is close contact with Russia’s top 50 buyers to promote the combination of suppliers and overseas wholesale, retail system." Deng Tao said.

May will be built in Russia O2O Interactive Experience Hall

according to the Dongguan post statistics show that in 2014 the Russian postal packet sent to Dongguan about 2 million votes, the average daily volume of nearly 6000, the average price of about $20. If calculated in accordance with the average value of $20 / piece, in 2014 the total cross-border electricity supplier in Dongguan, Russia, about $40 million.

the postal parcel sent to to the top four are Krasnodar, St Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov, four total more than 50%. Future cross-border electricity supplier in Dongguan, Russia’s export growth will be optimistic." Deng Tao said.


" Belt and Road Initiative "is made in Dongguan the best place to display their fists," Russia is one of the important nodes The Belt and Road. "." Deng Tao said, at present, Dongguan Sinotrans logistics center in actively expand the "Guangdong full Russia" (i.e., Shilong – Manchuria – Russia) international railway transportation business, the construction of Sino Russian logistics industrial park.

"Dongguan Sinotrans logistics center operation has been very smooth and mature," Deng Tao.