Magic shop online business platform to restart the domain name fm365 com

April 1st will be the official operation of Lenovo’s magic factory, currently popular concern.

according to NetEase science and technology to understand, the magic shop in the recent quietly on the domain name website, this site is the official website of the magic factory electricity supplier, has been on the line of two products. In the MWC site, magic workshop CEO Chen Xudong accepted the NetEase technology interview, elaborated the magic of the future business and operational strategies.

layout: April to smart home product opening shows that the magic workshop site will provide smart home, smart phones and other products to buy. Currently on the line of the two products are intelligent air purifier LUFTMED and intelligent router newifi, the former and the German manufacturer LUFTMED cooperation of the two products, which is the product of cooperation with Baidu. In the interview, Chen Xudong also revealed that the smart speaker and similar Nest intelligent controller is interested. If no accident, the magic factory will at the end of March early April officially unveiled, and a variety of on-line products, and in addition has been on sale on the website of the purifier and router products, Chen Xudong team is likely to launch its own research and development of intelligent speaker and intelligent controller.

Chen Xudong said Lenovo has ten years of Internet dream, which refers to the website. It is reported that, as early as in 2000, Lenovo launched the domain name, then Lenovo would like to create a portal for education, entertainment, but less than a year to declare failure. The industry believes that the re opening of the domain name, also has a dream that magic workshop with intelligent products as Home Furnishing opening, and with the opening attitude and other manufacturers, there are also reasons of the ecological chain is not perfect early.

Chen Xudong said that the next one or two years, the workshop will focus magic two business, is a mobile Internet services, including mobile phone software applications and services, which is independent of the ROM music store, Lenovo and other independent applications; two is the Internet business, including smart Home Furnishing and wearable products. As the carrier of the above product sales, will undoubtedly help the magic shop to complete a closed loop.

wonders of the advantages of the workshop where

over the years, Lenovo has never given up the Internet business. In January this year, Lenovo announced the news, will be split from four business groups from April 1st, respectively, PC business group, mobile business group, enterprise class business group and cloud services business group in the four part. So frequent restructuring, but also means that Lenovo needs to find a new business support for the next ten years, but also to adapt to the transformation of the mobile Internet era.

, therefore, the establishment of an independent company magic shop, in the operation can be more flexible and quickly adapt to the trend of mobile internet. Lenovo company relies on a strong supply chain and sales channels, to ensure good products from research and development, mold, manufacturing process, and relying on its own sales channels.