Why do you believe that the future of the network to predict the future

some people say that the network marketing is e-commerce, this argument is not correct, but there are some truth. So, in the end what kind of relationship between the existence of a network marketing practitioners from the point of view, the network marketing is to sell things online, how to sell, how to sell faster, more. The scope of e-commerce covers than wide network marketing, to the electronic commerce, in addition to selling products, but also involves the procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, web technology, network marketing is part of it, in the rapid development of network marketing today, word-of-mouth marketing also is very important. Then, the representative of the new e-commerce site to take shoes network, for example, to analyze why word-of-mouth marketing is also very important.

in word-of-mouth marketing be in full swing today, enterprises need to scientifically evaluate the effect of word-of-mouth marketing, mining of valuable information from massive data, from quantitative analysis to qualitative transition, to avoid being misled by a large number of real data. It should be said that the current corporate reputation for marketing and application of knowledge limitations. A lot of enterprises to a large extent only the word of mouth marketing as a part of traditional public relations, or an alternative part of the narrow sense. And they generally do not have the word of mouth marketing or word of mouth as an integral part of the integrated marketing strategy. In fact, they should pay more attention to word-of-mouth marketing, how to combine with self branding advertising? How to effectively interact with TV or print media? How to effectively combine with traditional channels or PR company


in most cases, pay more attention to the enterprise which is a direct manifestation of word-of-mouth marketing in the network and the media, such as posting number, or number of positive evaluation on the network, whether the communication volume competitors effectively suppressed and so on. Many companies commissioned by the network interactive marketing company will continue to transfer corporate information in the consumer community. The contents of this information are often only concerned about manufacturers claim, advertisement of partial concentration, in the Internet community forum for the free exchange of places, very vulnerable to rejection, but also easy to delete, this let the audience disgusted with the means of communication is undoubtedly different.

word of mouth marketing is the real value of opinion leaders to lead and promote the vast majority of silent consumers all the impact, which is the spread of the theory of silence spiral". Internet users do not speak the majority, but they will be around the circle of opinion to make decisions on the purchase behavior. Opinion leaders can be broadly divided into industry experts, fashion leaders, senior product users three categories. They all have the right to speak in the field, and can affect a series of "silent majority"". Making shoes franchise brand sports shoes, the consumer group, for a relatively wide range of industry experts, making shoes footwear industry is a specialized professional website, to be sure; for fashion, is the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend; for senior product users, pat is the franchise brand sports shoes shoes, the product is worthy of trust, so that.