nventory of new changes in foreign trade electricity supplier in 2014

foreign trade business blockbuster from unknown to the public in just a few years, once the high profits in the legend of the leading domestic counterparts. But you may see just like the table, if only by this impulse to dive in, may head broken and bleeding. Foreign trade is deep water, foreign trade is changing too fast, this is what we hear most from the evaluation of the industry, you may only have the body in which can feel the meaning of words. The category of the dispute, the dispute, the logistics platform for foreign trade business anchaoyongdong, 2014 what new changes concern? The next wave of industry where? For it is in the city of the people longing for the Circumcenter, we recommend to you this article from the industry to share.


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Wang Zifeng, foreign trade electricity supplier data analyst

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worked in a well-known foreign trade electricity supplier, responsible for product line, with more than 8 years of foreign trade experience, good at data analysis, commodity operations.

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category competition: 3C depth supply chain, clothing strong rise

1, traditional forces focused on 3C. 3C is a computer, mobile phone and accessories, early 3C foreign trade business is getting goods directly from Huaqiang North started, now began to extend to the upstream supply chain, and even direct holding factory.

a typical commodity is a mobile phone. When millet, Meizu, hammers and other mobile phone brands in the domestic melee, foreign trade electricity supplier has been successful in creating a lot of mobile phone brands, such as Doug, Kuport, with a high cost of selling overseas.

2, emerging forces rise in clothing. Due to the fierce competition, the domestic apparel industry has a large backlog of inventory. The use of domestic strong design ability, abundant inventory, low cost operation, a number of websites to rise rapidly, such as sheinside, romwe, Tesco’s global sammydress, rosewholesale, rosegal, this batch of websites from the beginning of this year to the present, the daily average of 100 thousand UV very much, and the listed company set of potential anti Lanting Pavilion the other way, from the wedding dress back to the 3C class, repeatedly referred to miniinthebox traffic and profitability earnings, while the station is dedicated to selling 3C products.

from the beginning of Lanting Pavilion, mainly in the wedding dress, Suzhou, Milan network was once popular. With 3C increasingly fierce competition, many companies in 2012 began the transition to do the clothing business, the recent limelight Masamori several are probably from that time up, such as sheinside, romwe, LDK, TLIDEA, sammydress, the speed of its development and operation mode has been out early by Google in the form of advertising, turned to social platform.