Note the point and method of rice farmers market investment

said here is not rice rice, millet, but the domain name, familiar people know the domain name is called "corn", the domain name market than the market called. In the thousands of meters, investment is millet farming, we all see how much you can, if you can only put 10 thousand or less, please listen to my advice, teach you registered what meters, even if you do not make money, not thanks to too much or money wasted.

domain name registration, depending on what the domain name needs, the more objects to be, the more valuable the domain name. When registering a domain name, think about it, if the domain name is registered, can only sell a few hundred dollars, but also to meet just the counterpart of the customer, it is recommended that you do not register.

Try to register

short meters, is 4 meters short coin: such as letters, 4 numbers, 3 miscellaneous and so on, certainly not just registered, to register a good, meaningful, it can be said that the basic meter will not lose. For example, my name is NET, but have some significance, some people pay 500 to buy Medical Network –, I am not willing to sell. To raise a few years, anyway, 4 letters, meaningful domain name, sooner or later extinction. Of course, some people think it’s rubbish.

should have a strategic vision, at present, the names, I think many people should know that this is certainly something to appreciate, like,, and so on. Registration is the future of the industry, products and even construction, is to have commercial value. Such as MP3, MP4, GPS, IDC, bird’s nest, and so on, these are the last few years out, after coming out of a lot of new things. Always read the news, understand the international affairs, the latest trends, especially in science and technology news and news. Such as bird flu, Shenzhou VI, the Olympic mascots, donating pandas and so on, and what new technology products, such as smart mobile phone, podcasts, blogs, fan (popular) and so on, careful analysis of these words of commercial value, fast registration.

pay attention to some of the new open domain name, register some platinum words. For example, India, Taiwan and other domain names have been registered, you can register some of the better, after a few years, it is more valuable. For example, India has a registered domain name, expert [url][/url], [url][/url], this is a dish, such as:.Tw, Hongkong Taiwan domain name domain name:.Hk and so on, these domain names are the best. You can also see more than and 200 foreign countries such as Laos.La domain name, now is the fire, as far as I know, there is an African.CD, a European country.IT, these suffixes are also meaningful. If registered, is blue.

is now generally not grab the good rice, the international domain name or domain name or country, you have a good interface and robm procedures, basic not grab good conditions, no friends, no need to do, and physical injury, and no gain. Forum and domain name