Network assistant Henan pesticide industry in 2015 working conference was a complete success

January 9, 2015, 2015 new pesticide pesticide industry development forum and the work of Henan province will be held successfully in Zhengzhou Canal Hotel, the content of the meeting involved agricultural electricity supplier, the formulation of new pesticides and other topics, and the selection of the 2015 annual pesticide industry of Henan Province ten units.

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meeting duly convened in the host’s lecture in


Henan pesticide industry top ten units


venue representatives of various enterprises


corporate spokesman and other personnel to interact with the scene, the atmosphere is active


participants and network explorer to explore the issue of corporate Internet


network administrator interaction with the site participants

in 2015, China’s pesticide industry has undergone great changes. The implementation of zero growth, prices fell, agricultural pesticides, electricity supplier fiery high toxic pesticides, environmental protection and disable the food quality and safety has been paid more and more attention, fly the popularization, new pesticides, pesticide formulation processing, sales, administration and other sectors must promote innovation forward, the rise of UAV and the Internet industry will promote cross industry integration the development of the industry gradually clear.

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