Online shopping development guidance introduced the establishment of multi channel investment and fi

29 reporter was informed that the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of online shopping, we need to strengthen the support of network shopping policy, continue to establish and improve the network to adapt to the needs of the development of shopping diversification, multi-channel investment and financing system.

in addition, the "opinions" also proposed to make effective use of fiscal funds to guide the credibility of online shopping enterprises, operating norms to accelerate development, to encourage the country to study and formulate supporting policies and measures to strengthen the construction of network infrastructure and technological innovation investment. Encourage enterprises and financial institutions to carry out credit sales and consumer credit business for online shopping groups.

through expanding the field of online shopping, standardize the transaction behavior, promote the development of online shopping. Ministry of Commerce, and strive to 12th Five-Year the end of the online shopping transactions reached 5% of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods, e-commerce development in some areas to start earlier reached about 10%.

in recent years, China’s online shopping market showed a growing consumer groups, the rapid growth of the consumption of a good situation. At the same time, there are also relevant policies and regulations, management capabilities and service levels do not meet the needs of the development of online shopping and other practical issues.

for this reason, the opinion pointed out that we should continue to cultivate the main body of the network market. Encourage the production, circulation and service enterprises to develop network sales, and actively develop suitable for online sales of goods and services.

in the network shopping area, in addition to continuing to expand sales of traditional commodities, but also actively expand the real estate, medicine, health care products, remote education, housekeeping services for online trading of goods and services.