More than half of retail performance decline overweight electricity supplier does not follow the tra

side of the electricity supplier market continued rapid growth in the size of the transaction, while the physical performance of a dismal. Clearly, the days of traditional retailers are still tough. In April 9th 2015 United Business Network Conference and Global Retail Innovation Summit, retailers argue on the traditional and electronic business has become a hot spot.  

Oriental Wealth Choice data show that as of April 9th has announced the results of physical retailers, more than half of the company’s revenue decline, net profit fell sharply in a few.

this performance combined with retailers active overweight electricity supplier breakthrough in transition, is regarded as "the new normal retail industry". It is reported that RT mart’s business platform will open in May this year, the third party service, including higher enterprises still force the cross-border electricity supplier step by step. The industry said that the growth of the retail industry is still a big trend, and the enterprise should be the whole channel operating consumer groups, should not blindly follow the online run.

more than half of physical retail sales fell

April 8th, China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the 2014 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report. The report shows that in 2014, China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 13 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 31.4%. Among them, the online retail market transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 820 billion yuan, an increase of 49.7%.

up to now, more than half of the entities of the retail business has been disclosed in 2014 operating conditions, and electricity providers relative to the physical retail is completely different scene. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice data as of April 9th statistics, A shares in the retail sector has announced the 29 listed companies in 16, operating income declined, accounting for 55%, of which Guangzhou friendship dropped 17.83%; in addition, 13 companies net profit decline in Wuhan, Chongqing department store and other enterprises declined more is close to 40%.

more than half of the company’s revenue decline, more than 40% of the company’s net profit dropped significantly, the tone of the physical retail industry bleak, department stores are more sluggish. Choice data show that 11 companies have announced results in the reduction of the income of the 10 companies, the decline in net profit of 5.

for such transcripts, many people put the responsibility to the electricity supplier impact. However, COFCO’s Shanghai Joy City General Manager Wei Xuewen previously said in an interview with reporters, the overall performance of the retail decline for many reasons. In recent years, the incremental shopping center is very large, the impact of online entities is not greater than the competition between entities." In his view, the current retail talent training can not keep up with the development of the industry.

in fact, the downturn is only one aspect of performance. This month, China Franchise Association Secretary General Pei Liang in the industry conference said that the retail industry is facing enormous challenges, is shrinking, industry employment fell by 1.3% last year, as the years of rapid development, the retail entity negative growth for the first time.