The significance of Zhongguancun online huge money to recover top level domain

million yuan to win the top-level domain name, Zhongguancun (000931, shares) online move caused concern to the industry; because of the impact of the economic crisis, many enterprises have been tightening, Zhongguancun online anti refundable, active play, big international expansion for the mean, really trying to do


2009 will usher in the 10 anniversary of the Zhongguancun online, the acquisition of top-level domain name, out of their own brand protection, CNET group vice president Liu Xiaodong said. Liu Xiaodong ZOL team in 2004 officially joined the CNET China, and in October 06 became CNET Chinese senior vice president, general manager of CONSUMER GROUP, in ZOL, PChome, IT, Western hummingbird network, the world wide web home network IT network, Shaanxi six media.

at the same time, Liu Xiaodong also said that 2009 will meet the IT vertical portal of one of the darkest years, for all IT media will be more difficult, but at this critical moment, it is a good opportunity to widen the gap with competitors, the acquisition of the top-level domain name as part of a ZOL in this guidance strategy, in addition to in addition, ZOL will also carry out personnel expansion, for this practice, Liu Xiaodong explained that: to improve the internal operation efficiency is not only the cutting means, improve the customer return on investment, to provide more professional information for professional users, also is to improve the operational efficiency of the means.

cold period market acquisition of top-level domain, the expansion of personnel, these seemingly "upstream" initiatives, highlighting the CNET (including ZOL) was acquired by CBS, a huge financial support behind the club’s confidence, once again to show the world as the first China IT portal should move to a recession, not only to for all Zhongguancun online staff spiritual support, more impact to the industry, means that the next year more difficult, will also have the confidence and strength to face, in the predicament of refined service, improve efficiency, enhance the enterprise overall service quality; at the same time, also tries to go beyond the opponent, first dial. regression in addition to morale, enhance the cohesion of the Zhongguancun online, the domain name itself gives the user more concise and convenient experience, the domain name itself the international image of experience a positive effect of good. 10 years ago, the domain name of a return, a return is a new start, let me see how ZOL in the 09 most difficult year in the lead in the IT vertical portal to break the ice, to walk against the wind.

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