Jingdong eleven white double 35 minutes of trading break billion the number of users increased by 60

[TechWeb] News reported in November 12th, the Jingdong announced eleven ious double transcript: 35 minutes to achieve the Jingdong trading volume exceeded one hundred million ious beyond, more than double last year’s eleven Jingdong all day long transactions. Double eleven day, the number of users grew 600% Jingdong. As of November 11th four in the afternoon, the Jingdong Jingdong accounted for ious mall turnover accounted for an increase of 500% yoy, the average price of more than 800 yuan, staging customer price over 1500 yuan.


financial Jingdong said the transaction data from the current point of view, the 5 category of goods consumers love on account are: mobile phone, tablet computer, notebook computer, camera, luxury. One specific point of view, the Jingdong to sell 2.5 mobile phone mall each have 1 Department is on account, selling 4 per laptop computer there are 1 units on account.

Jingdong ious on-line in February 2014, is the first Internet provider launched consumer credit services, applied to the "Jingdong" mall scene, allowing users to "consumer first, after the payment, the heart stage". The nature of Jingdong is the Jingdong mall ious commercial credit, accounts receivable. In October 28th this year, "Jingdong ious accounts receivable asset-backed special plan" on the Shenzhen stock exchange listing. (Ming Yu)

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