nternet entrepreneurs to help traditional channel giant usher in B2C challenge

a B2C practitioners in the market to accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, "obviously, whether it is commodity prices or enterprise operation chain reaction, the B2C enterprise has not only Suning can catch up on the scale."

B2C Chinese website can be profitable in 2009 through the "Climbing"? Dangdang.com, Jingdong B2C giant mall and a number of recent activity, seems to give the answer to this question.

day before, in the field of domestic B2C old leader dangdang.com admitted for the first time this year is expected to achieve annual earnings in March this year, monthly sales of more than 200 million yuan Jingdong mall recently frequent high-profile appearance. At the same time, the domestic appliance chain stores Suning Appliance giant announced a high-profile, will be achieved in the year to enter the B2C market. In fact, this will be a network of Internet start-ups and traditional channels between giants. Who has seen the prospects of e-commerce, but this field has not yet appeared in B2B and C2C Alibaba and Taobao as the oligarchs.

traditional home appliances into the channel

Beijing in June, and the hot summer promotion party. Just moved into a new home in Chaoyang District, Miss Qiu, is considering to buy an apartment near the National Mall in Panjiayuan. But the Internet to see a message, so that there is no experience of online shopping Miss Qiu decided to go online to find a suitable air conditioning.

Miss Qiu saw on the Internet, a Haier air conditioning KFRD-23GW/E2-S5 kit, in the United States online shopping mall price is 2399 yuan, while in another B2C website of Jingdong mall price is only 1499 yuan. "Difference of nearly 1000 yuan, but also invoices." Miss Qiu immediately by way of payment of goods to buy the air conditioning, and by the way from the site to buy a six socket.

let Miss temporarily change the way to buy the news, in fact, as early as the Internet spread.

at the beginning of June, Suning President Sun Weimin sounded the retail entity to enter the B2C market. According to informed sources, at present, Suning is developing B2C back office system, the new online store will be updated in the near future to upgrade, to meet the different sales and other functions across the country.

brand store open shop, will launch a more favorable price. This is my intention to try online shopping." Miss Qiu told reporters, browse the various B2C sites on the Internet, she found a no smoke of war had Shucu on the Internet open.

at present, in addition to Suning B2C declaration, another chain Gome mall also launched the first air conditioning special recommendation, B2C mall website of Jingdong and American B2C giants in China Newegg’s websites have posted special promotional posters etc..

but let Miss surprise is that, compared with the traditional home appliance stores online store prices, professional B2C website commodity prices closer to consumers. < >