What is the future of e commerce development

e-commerce refers to the use of Internet as the main means of information transmission and business activities. Here the business activities include the profit for the purpose of product sale and service delivery activities, internal management and external coordination activities and enterprises in order to achieve the product sales and services provided by.

complete e-commerce involves many aspects, in addition to buyers, sellers, but also banks or financial institutions, government agencies, certification bodies, distribution centers and other institutions to join the line. E-commerce is the product of the development of high technology, e-commerce is also closely related to technology. In addition, the legal protection is also an important link in the development of e-commerce.

in the mid and late 1990s, in just 10 years time, e-commerce has been rapid development. The prospect of e-commerce is: the future is bright, the road is tortuous. The development of e-commerce has a good prospect.

computer Internet users increased, the rapid development of information industry, the development of electronic technology, the global Internet users purchase level, governments attach importance to the development of electronic commerce, electronic means of payment, the legal system of continuous improvement, which will vigorously promote the development of electronic commerce.

e-commerce has a huge potential market. The development of e-commerce is closely related to the number of Internet users. Some data show that the world’s Internet users continued to grow rapidly, is expected by 2005, the world’s population of 1/5, that is, 1 billion people will use the internet. This provides a prerequisite for the development of e-commerce.

e-commerce depth will further expand. Currently limited by the level of technological innovation and application, the development of e-commerce is still in its infancy. With the improvement of these two aspects and the development of other related technologies, electronic commerce will advance in depth. The development of electronic payment means, the development of certification technology, which provides technical support for the development of e-commerce.

e-commerce boom will remain high. The development of e-commerce is the need for the survival and development of enterprises. In the highly competitive economy era, reducing costs is an important means to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. E-commerce can reduce the cost of efficiency, open up new markets and create new business opportunities. Therefore, with the rapid development of computer technology, the popularization and application of the Internet, as well as the innovation of related technologies, the development of e-commerce has become popular. Especially the beauty industry enterprises, in order to promote different products, they even establish different sites: the promotion of anti-aging products, they will set up a network promotion anti-aging, whitening products built a whitening beauty network.

our country is paying more and more attention to the development of e-commerce. During the 03 years of SARS, China’s economy, the State Council, the State Council ministries and local governments attach great importance to the role of e-commerce. After the period of SARS, electronic commerce has been paid more and more attention. The state attaches great importance to electricity

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