Liu Qiangdong gamble Jingdong home why was wrong

Zhang Chenyong

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Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said: "2015 will concentrate mainly on home Jingdong, Jingdong home mission is to defeat the Jingdong," said "to Jingdong like Tencent home expectations expectations for WeChat, to create a high frequency APP". Jingdong user shopping frequency is much lower than Taobao, which is the demand for electrical goods demand characteristics, Jingdong to change the situation, had to start with fresh and fast consumer goods. Facts have proved that the traditional electricity supplier Center warehouse delivery does not apply to the public fresh and supermarket FMCG category, because of the high cost of long-distance delivery, poor timeliness. So Liu Qiangdong put the bet to Jingdong home, with a short distance delivery solution to solve the problem of FMCG electricity supplier.


to calculate the number of bets for the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong home, Jingdong home each distribution of a single, 6 yuan to subsidize the freight, plus operating costs, marketing costs, 10 yuan subsidy per unit is not too much. Home Jingdong responsible person Wang Zhijun said in November 2015, the Jingdong launched the service in the home has 11 city home, one day the highest amount had reached 100 thousand; even in the line for more than 2 months in Wuhan, the latest data on the single reached about 10 thousand. Therefore, according to the order of the estimated loss of Jingdong is a billion level.

Liu Qiangdong so valued Jingdong home, and real money bets, it seems to send home business is full of expectation. Since this article said Jingdong home game, then losing chips, perhaps Jingdong home was wrong, why do you say that, and listen to the hospital to analyze Zhang wisteria.

supermarket fast delivery and buy a taxi difference

Jingdong home looks similar tactics and group purchase taxi, is a lot of money subsidies to develop consumer habits. Group purchase market has matured, many users of consumer habits before the first check the group purchase information, the U.S. group can get profits in each group purchase (in some different industries). Taxi software also has cultivated a large number of users, taxi drops can express in every single business commission about 23% of the profits.

Jingdong will come and buy the future, like a taxi, to train a large number of users to use the home platform, to bring sales to businesses, get the commission from the merchant maori. This is really difficult, first fast consumer goods retail gross profit is very low, generally less than 20% gross profit (foreground and background), the final net profit of less than 3%, and the group purchase taxi different, no space, it is difficult to get the platform from Jingdong.

and not only that, from the merchant to the hands of the user, always need to pick up the delivery process, and now is a subsidy for Jingdong distribution costs, the total will not be subsidized forever. All subsidies, would have been a loss, if the future customer to collect freight, then a single volume (demand) will be drastically reduced, if merchants bear the shipping costs, so profit businesses only had to stop cooperation.

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