Ali Wang Hua general manager of the division of the cause of the mother the future of marketing is

October 30th, the Alibaba group and Youku potatoes group held a joint strategy conference, Ali mother and Youku potatoes also issued a open data management platform (Alimama DMP), Damour plate and precision marketing scheme "big data based on the Star Wars program". Through the opening and cooperation, Ali mother is the establishment of digital marketing ecosystem by Damour disk based, through consumption, social, financial, weather, traffic, entertainment and a series of internal and external data sources, bear the heavy responsibility of DT era marketing infrastructure.

Damour disk through cleaning, unity, integration and a series of data processing and management, in order to ensure data security under the premise of data mining and application. The disc’s mission is to promote large data connection, the construction of ecological system, let more people learn to share data with data, improve the efficiency." Wang Hua said.


is the mother of Ali Wang Hua, general manager of the company’s speech shorthand:

I would like to have a future marketing.

in the past, we talked about the future of marketing will go to the west. Today, with ALI and Youku potatoes has reminded us that the Chinese in this market, we have the opportunity to drive a large imagination to achieve data within the scope of the world marketing product effect one based on.

we have been thinking about the topic of the last six months is the brand and the effect of Ali pay attention to the effect, Youku potatoes are more concentrated in the brand marketing system. We are thinking that the infrastructure of e-commerce is based on the effect of the media marketing system with our video as the starting point of the brand system can not be combined, and to achieve a level to be able to perform


dream of soil: Ali 300 million active buyers, active video users

600 million

the soil of this dream is very good. Our combination is built on the basis of six hundred million of active video users, in which wireless users accounted for 2/3, we comply with the trend of the entire user migration. Ali has close to 300 million of active buyers, we have an in-depth exploration of the relationship between consumers and brand flagship store, such as the purchase, repeat purchase and other related interests,

from the data point of view, brand customers and e-commerce companies how landing?

dream, must have a dream.

in front of such a large group of users, how to do marketing is a little philosophical questions. For example, the Korean homes have been in the effectiveness of the system has played very well, but if the brand does not grow, customers can not form loyalty. This is based on the brand of soft stuff, we want it to have a stronger effect, which requires our imagination.

Ali mother is a closed loop marketing platform e-commerce. This cooperation with Youku, we found a new spark and Flashpoint, Ali mother hopes to be able to become a product of the imagination of the engine, will open a new video >

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