Another way of thinking to help you improve the recovery rate of the questionnaire

were removed from the Internet, whether you are doing promotion, product, or sell products all need to understand your users and the market, it is inevitable to carry out research, qualitative, and quantitative and qualitative to the user said, we can do user interviews, quantitative questionnaire survey that we can do, of course. If you do, products, products already on the line, with the accumulation of large data, the natural effect of data analysis do best, after all have psychological research shows that users do when the survey is consciously doing, not necessarily the actual demand, user behavior in the unconscious is sure to more real. But today we only do some analysis on the questionnaire.

Now the

questionnaire rate is more and more low, most people are not willing to spend more time to do the same as the exam, how to improve the recovery rate of the questionnaire is discussed in this paper.

first you need to know the structure of the questionnaire, a complete questionnaire has the following contents:

1 Title: used to illustrate the research topic

2 note: a brief description of the purpose of the investigation, the meaning of the general at the beginning, as a letter to the respondents to the first impression, to tone sincere, avoid stiff, rigid

3 body:

(1) the basic information of the respondents: some of the main features, background information, such as gender, age, education, etc., according to the specific items you choose to investigate the main factors.

(2): the main content of the survey here actually began to get to the point, is the most important part in the questionnaire, researchers to understand the basic content of

4 Code: the project will be a questionnaire into the code number of the process, to facilitate the collation, convenient calculation. If the network is still research, there is no need to support the third party platform technology

5 concluding remarks: generally placed on the end of the questionnaire, expressed gratitude to the visitors, this is not

in the third party platform

then we talk about how to design a questionnaire


1 usability

know the questionnaire structure, immediately entered, teach you how to design questionnaire in many articles or books, there are many techniques, in fact is to make the questionnaire reasonable and logical, standardization, to this questionnaire the audience to consider your time, you must first ensure the availability of the respondents, that is whether respondents easily complete this questionnaire, and will not appear not to understand, the problem of hindering the respondents continue to fill in the ready to accept either course or fill in the mood, when designing the questionnaire station consider in respondents view, also is the questionnaire "user experience to achieve the ultimate design after finally please the friends around to do it again, the equivalent of usability testing products"".

2 value

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