Top 10 nternet tools for marketers

body in the mobile Internet and social networking development under the influence of the Internet era, as a marketing person, we can clearly feel the changes in the consumer market. In the face of increasingly differentiated, diversified consumer demand, marketing people urgently need a set of mobile technology, data collection and analysis, customer CRM and other marketing line work demand marketing tool for rapid and precise marketing activities.

in order to help the marketing people better complete marketing activities, based on the current market of some popular marketing tool for investigation and trial, today we sorted out the 10 marketing personnel necessary Internet tools designed to help people break the bottleneck of marketing marketing.

let us one by one to understand these 10 marketing tools:

1, M1 cloud market


function: M1 cloud marketing for the whole chain of content marketing services, from the beginning of the landing page for the customer marketing, to contact management for customers after the EDM and SMS marketing, marketing one-stop solution.

official website: click on the details of

M1 cloud marketing department is SaaS class cloud tools by the plum network product, market oriented marketing integration platform, to meet the increasingly mainstream content marketing, social marketing and database marketing needs, so that every person can be simple, modern marketing professional and efficient operation of the marketing work.

recommended reason

1, marketing page production, customer management, marketing content push, statistical data analysis tools such as a platform to include;

2, all tools to achieve online operation, as long as the network can complete marketing activities;

3, the entire marketing process of data exchange, eliminating the lengthy process of inter departmental collaboration;

4, flexible pricing, to meet the needs of a wider range of users;

5, using M1, you only need to manage a vendor;

6, professional customer service team, the whole process of one to one personalized service.

2, Intercom


features: social customer relationship management platform to bring customers complete and personalized communication

official website: click on the details of

Intercom is an automated real-time customer service platform. The software can be carried out within the scope of the company’s customer service, etc., and to establish a file for the customer, and finally all relevant operating data collection, the formation of a complete customer information data.

Intercom also provides consumer messaging applications and e-mail information tracking tool MessageGoals. >

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