On the benefits of social marketing to corporate sales

a web site or a web site based on a large number of other information publishing platform as well as the standard configuration of an enterprise, enough to show the importance of Internet information dissemination to an enterprise. So now there are more and more so-called marketing companies to help companies provide solutions. Many of them are a real deal provided to enterprises, but also there are many not down to earth, the theory of the phenomenon of empty biao.

many companies want to increase sales performance from the Internet, because they have heard that this is a trend, if you do not take advantage of the line will be eliminated. Perhaps it is because the enterprise open Internet channel already standard, so the operation mode are also standardized, for small and medium-sized enterprises in general is to engage in a website or micro-blog WeChat platform, and then move one or more of the person in charge or custody to the third party marketing company. They are naive to think that doing so will have the sales, but the reality is cruel, I think there is no need to say that we all know that the reality of the effect of doing so is not too ideal.

I’m going to talk to you today about what we’re doing. It’s about how to increase sales through the internet. We are a common design company, can be said to have what not good marketing skills, of course, we can do their own websites and help others to do, but this is only our own hobby, not what we are senior marketing staff. It is through the side of the Internet to do sales, it is the community to do sales.


on the Internet for themselves to build several platforms, design material download, there are also concerns about the design of small knowledge exchange, but these are some simple platforms, such as logo design of our production network is based on the open source DZ do, this can be said to understand a little knowledge of friends website will. Simple things, but as long as the good will bring great value. The following is the site through the logo design, said that through the benefits of social marketing to bring us, we all know that this site DZ program is to do community, so I call it community.

1, a completely controlled display platform.

many companies may have such experience, is to own services or products to do some special information service website, and then with their peers to compete for a good position, and a direct result of competition is to show a great deal of website, can the best effect is not so good. For example, some enterprises to the industry station advertising, in fact, do the search engine ranking is also a competitive situation. I have to say that if we do this, we will have more pressure on our sales, because if we do not have sales, we will not only make money but also lose money. And if it is such a platform, through the above sales is how much is earned. And in terms of the display of such platforms than simply introduce their products or services how good >

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