The promotion of local comprehensive portal website written for Wuzhou window

First I use the outdated

: a pedestrian propaganda

is the name card printing lots, or windows, printed site basic overview, of course the website address to write, and then get some people to the city some people gathered the place name card issued to. For example: shopping malls, schools, crossroads, * * City, etc.. This method brings the flow is very direct, but also do a lot of local portal website promotion methods commonly used.

users in Wuzhou, students accounted for a large proportion of the school to send some advertising, can bring a flow. But the flow of students who want to keep them must be able to build what they are interested in (which will be mentioned below), but on the network what can be found on the internet. If you want them to focus on WWW.WZ619.COM, you should go to the following activities.

held some activities to attract public attention to the Wuzhou window, a considerable part of the students mentioned above in the proportion of the proportion of Internet users in Wuzhou, so I thought, first held a campus oriented activities. Here I recommend to use the forum to hold activities, first in the forum to establish a campus area, such as: campus dating, campus emotion, learning garden, etc.. In these sections reward some original excellent articles. As for reward what good? In today’s society, money is the best. Can reward a small amount of money, reward some of the things on the learning line, but this is too much trouble.
: Internet promotion in Wuzhou Internet users, mostly in Internet cafes, why do a movie in the internal floating advertisements, station some Internet cafes? Because the default Internet cafes open web site is the internal film. Of course, in the Internet bar on the screen printed on a Wuzhou window LOGO better. I found that the company has its own desktop management tools, can be in the Internet bar desktop management tools with their own window URL is also good. Do not have to consider whether the ALEAX up, at least so that more people can know that there is a window of this site. Some companies do not know when they put these things, they see a lot of content and pictures on the site, that many people come to this site. Because someone has succeeded.

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