Website promotion need to pay attention to what

now many webmaster use a variety of ways to promote their site, is to let yourself get better flow, each method is different, if you promote your site in the wrong way, you can actually reduce rather than increase the amount of access to


1 some people just love spam mail promotion, all spam, although if you’re content to attract people, it will also bring some IP, but so long is not good, so every day, people will think of you, you will go to visit the station! Besides, junk mail bring to you the enemy rather than a friend, it will make your site by ISP ban, search engine will not be friendly to you, to reduce your visitors.

2 software crazy spider left everywhere although post everywhere can increase the site outside the company, to get a degree here, not overdo sth.. Just like every day you go to Baidu crazy post, needless to say, certainly is K so I think the software around is not desirable, you can go to the site with spider that’s fine, but also pay attention to the "degree" of


3 to buy links here say is not need to be able to buy connection here to spend too much money to buy a few high PR, the best thing to you personally feel similar to the site, buy those high to different types of sites and the effect is not very good, would rather buy their own similar sites such as Guangdong! Our graduating students Qiuzhiwang for those where talent network


4 also point their own content for their site, if you are collecting things, not what you think of the original, do useful! Especially those new sites, start collecting, you have not Baidu’s attention, Baidu will rarely for you the site is included! Began to promote, but at a later stage do not need it! Do the content of the website on the search engine is the truth, and do not go tired!

is not good, please correct the Guangdong fresh graduates job network welcome to correct me!

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