nstant messaging cloud cloud cloud service providers announced the completion of 50 million yuan A

investment community news February 29th, IM financial cloud cloud service providers yesterday announced the completion of the A round of 50 million yuan financing, this financing led by ZTE dhc. CEO Han Ying Rong Yun said, the future will create social and life services, entertainment, games, video, electricity providers, education and health, financial planning and coordination office 9 widefield communications cloud services. Currently, the investment institutions have approached B round of financing.

instant messaging cloud cloud cloud service providers announced the completion of 50 million yuan A round of financing

IM is instant messaging (Instant Messaging), cloud service providers will be instant messaging technology packaged into SDK, for App developers to download and use, and to provide a platform, technical support and maintenance services to developers, to help developers achieve single chat, group chat, chat rooms, customer service and other application scenarios.

according to the investment community, the financial cloud in August 2014 to start the beta IM cloud services, including the main business of IM based services, IM value-added services, third party public service interface etc.. Yun Yun Yun Yun, a subsidiary of the Beijing Financial Network Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of listed companies, China, Thailand and thailand. The financial cloud core team from Fetion technology development and operations team, there are nearly ten years of technology development and operation and maintenance experience in the field of instant messaging.

financial cloud official information shows that as of February 2016, a total of more than 80 thousand financial cloud services APP, daily active users over 20 million, more than 1 billion 200 million news, customers include HUAWEI, New Oriental and other large enterprises and people network, Faceu, Shanghai River school, excellent letter second-hand car, Sina two room, Wyatt laps, the way home many other well-known Internet Co.

IM in the field of cloud services, domestic and foreign giant companies have layout — in February 2015, the United States IM cloud service vendors Layer officially launched IM cloud service products, Ali, Tencent, UF, followed by NetEase launched a series of products. At present, the domestic market IM cloud services companies, Tencent, NetEase Wukong Ali cloud cloud letter, UF has letter, financial cloud, ring letter, Yung iunin communication, Pro Plus cloud communication.

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