Summary of business entities to promote the practice of line two

recent focus on learning about the predecessors of website operation and promotion experience, and how to realize the profit method, based on the operation of Shenzhen I dig it nets tepid situation, decided to make an attempt to sweep the streets! No longer rely on Baidu and GOOGLE.


to implement this measure, it is necessary to introduce Shenzhen to dig it now, the definition of the theme of commercial consumer information website in Shenzhen, is around the Shenzhen merchants do want to extend and how to start to build the ECMALL online mall, in exchange for businesses to pay gas settled in. In order to achieve the purpose of profit.

Because the domain is the theme of the previous encyclopedic information, then the transition to the current theme, from the previous Baidu included 300, GOOGLE included more than and 600 pages — (I article about 700, visible previously collected is very good), now due to transformation and delete the original collection of articles, the Baidu and GOOGLE more than 95% pages included a dead link, which is slowly K GOOGLE is directly There is not much left., right down, although the home page Baidu snapshot or updated every day, but several key words in K have been ranked the worst Not the least trace was found., not seen, at present only in the hope of new features.

The reason

is verbose so many things, I think I can’t wait for Baidu /GOOGLE to show kindness to treat me so friendly, this time I have to think of a way to solve the website survival problems, and I have selected topic since the Shenzhen merchants as the goal, then I will take the initiative to contact these businesses, see what is the effect? And the point of contact between businesses is for their propaganda grounds, these businesses understand real data of network publicity and city online shopping concepts such as how to understand? Thought a good contact with reason, should be very easy to do.

But when I

my big barrel in the best of Spirits – Digital SLR to real contact with such businesses when the situation is really quite contrary to expectation. The two day I visited a total of about 60 businesses, type do groceries, convenience stores, beauty care, hairdressing shop, baby store, pharmacy, pet hospital, clothing store, car repair, digital imaging, tobacco monopoly, glasses shops, restaurants, wholesale fruit, flowers, gifts, leisure center etc.. The merchant performance is different, now 4 below, for your reference.

1. The grocery, convenience stores, cigarette and liquor vendor, you don’t have any idea, in Shenzhen more than 90% of this type of shop are people or local farmers chowchew open, you just show just to understand the situation, most will direct bomb you to leave. If you have to do the work of urban life navigation needs to do their own content, this kind of shop do not have to go, no matter what the head.

2 leisure center: to note here is that the play of these businesses don’t like the idea of my silly carrying a large barrel.

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