McKinsey’s approach in the face of new products how to quickly familiar with the business and work

we’re going to look at how to solve this problem with mckinsey.

if you understand McKinsey, you must have heard a word "key driver", also is the result of core factors appear a problem, but for the strange feeling of a product, the key driving factor is because of the fact that to understand "". This is another reference to McKinsey’s problem with the fact that " is based on facts, and that the analysis of any problem is based on objective facts. And this is the secret of your industry and product.

is always easy to say, but there will always be people who can’t actually get to know the truth in their work". A manager of a new company in my company is in the middle of this problem. My company product is currently in the domestic well-known FM products, and because of this type of product homogeneity, there is an urgent need for a new starting point, we design a new version of the product, do not introduce here. A product manager in familiar industries and products, is also active in the understanding of all aspects of information, but a month long familiar with the time, but always at a superficial level, can’t do anything for the next product design output.

where is the problem?

"Most of us are not good at criticizing our own ideas," says

, a McKinsey approach. This is the reason why we know that solutions can’t be solved. Although the face of this problem, everyone’s treatments are similar, but the way of thinking but also the subtle difference. Here we introduce the right way to think about the problem, as well as prone to errors.

1, each judgment as a hypothetical

of McKinsey in the methods to solve the problems in one of the most respected is "make assumptions" that every judgment is a hypothesis, not a conclusion, we are often judged an industry what is the time, through the network information, the analysis will get a we think is right conclusion. The problem is that you get the information may not be comprehensive, it may not be accurate, the wrong information gives you the wrong judgment, but we mistakenly believe that is the conclusion. Therefore, each judgment as a hypothesis, at any time to accept the assumption is overturned, and not easily concluded.


each problem with the highest degree of integrity and improve your problem, assuming you understand the status of the industry, the current situation of the product and the company will choose the development path. Do you know whether your company’s resources are in line with the development of the line, because the company has its own resources and determine the choice of such a plan. In this case, if you don’t understand the resources that a competitor has to make a judgment, and you don’t know if your company has the resources

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