Let us tell you how to win more users really recommend

Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" said: "there are a lot of Internet content, providing the same service website, when the same content, the website which will be ranked in the search engine front? Decisive factor is recommended (user). We often say that the super chain, is a recommendation (form)".

Baidu search engineer Lee in response to pure text site weight transfer problems further said "search engines recommend" criteria: "we (Baidu) on the link should transfer the weight, the only criterion is: this link is the user or the other website really recommend your website, this recommendation is valuable to the user".

in fact, this is not just a search engine to determine the value of an external link standards, it is the search engine to determine the value of a web site standards.

R & D department "on the Internet search blog page value" in Baidu "site gain" to describe a more original content is high weight website "reprint (recommended), which ultimately is better able to achieve" gain "effect (which also let many grassroots webmaster brood on" original website ranking "why not reproduced website).

With such a simple method to judge the logic

, search engines do not really need to become experts in this industry, according to the web page is a true "site gain", and the "site gain" really brought "the method of content determination of" gain "value and the value chain.

so, win more and more customers sincerely recommend, let us tell you most willing to help you promote the website is the key, not the day you Qizaotanhei the original, pseudo original, outside the chain of ­ the chain is not issued to the highest level, the construction of the chain is to let more because people from you have, most willing to help you do promotion, send the chain, let us tell you".

actually, it is recommended not only beneficial to the website SEO, it will make the entire site into a brand development cycle – network marketing are the most respected times to the "viral marketing" is "let us tell you the ultimate Baidu encyclopedia entry:" definition of viral marketing by providing the value of the product or service, "let us tell you" by others for your promotion, realization of "marketing leverage" effect".


the essence of any marketing campaign is to let everyone tell you (network picture)

"viral marketing" clever use of user enthusiasm, not only effectively reduce their website (product and service) cost of publicity. More importantly, it effectively overcomes the fatal defect of every puff "direct propaganda can not get more users trust, making"

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