Summary of the local forum to promote a few small ideas

forum and local station has its own unique characteristics, in some places the site contains local forum, so in the promotion planning on some similar, these seemingly narrow area and people actually have more things for us to dig, some local BBS do several small ideas to promote the summary today, hoping for some webmaster can help, if there are different views, hope that more exchanges.

SEO is also based on the protection of

for a forum, maybe he is not the most important keywords ranking is good, but it is important to provide the forum content, users from the forum are fun and he needs, the most important point lies in the content, which is well known to us, but does not mean that SEO is not important for a the forum, even if the content is in place, the reputation is also good, but he still needs to search engines, it can be said that most of the website needs to search engines, it is beneficial to the development of the website. First of all to ensure that when the local search + Forum, your website will appear in the top, also is when some hot news, when the best people search your website ranking, so you can let more users find your site. Based on these two points, the site certainly needs a good weight, so SEO is the foundation is also guaranteed.

allows users to produce viscosity

you can imagine why we usually like to enter the QQ space, many times, not only to look at themselves, but also to see the updates and friends of friends dynamic. This is between the friends of the viscous in action, we must pay attention to the cultivation of this forum, to get into the forum members, interact, so we feel that here are friends, so that they may not have a short duration of time slowly between the contact thing, but we must unremittingly. We can through the usual activities to provide users with the opportunity, whether it is online or offline, activities are necessary, so that the forum has vitality. In addition to activities, the game is also a good way, you can use this way to communicate and improve.

content to a single breakthrough

for personal webmaster or entrepreneurial team, the successful operation of a team is not a simple matter, especially the content updates, since not too well-known fame, so many people are not willing to come to the forum, we will rely on some strategies, that is to break through to the first to find a strategy. A little, let this field full of information this section you, do, do, do fine, we add some small promotion will have users, so slowly with the development and popularity until after automatically generated content. Of course, the number of posts for a few days of the forum, you can also use this method, if we start each section are involved, then each section may not be very good development.

add local features

since it’s local >

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