Mail promotion has to look at the eight details

mail promotion is not new, many webmasters are very fond of. But in the early days of the integrity of the registration process, many owners will encounter some small problems. To summarize these common problems today, hope to see the future can help owners to better solve the problem of mail promotion, today from eight aspects to share, if you have better ideas and issues, also welcome and I exchange. All right, start today.

, the first successful registration thank you page: the user submits registration should display the thank you page of our website, and displays the name and domain name on the page, it will prompt the user to our email address is added to the white list, because we will regularly send mail, if you do not enter the white list, will have a certain effect.

second, "not spam" button to use: if a message is filtered, then we have to tell the user, let them click "not spam" button in this way to inform the mail server is false, then we in the same way to send, will not be treated as spam.

third, unsubscribe as simple as possible: if the user does not want to subscribe, unsubscribe to the best method for its most simple. The email should contain unsubscribe link, when the user clicks, you can easily unsubscribe, this process must be simple, if the user feels unsubscribe is very troublesome, will report directly to the mail as spam, then we will be even greater losses.

fourth, handling complaints timely: if the receipt of customer complaints, must as soon as possible, but if the customer is misjudgment, forgotten once subscribed to our mail, so should be complete to provide evidence to the ISP operator, try to minimize the loss, so that we can continue to carry out mass and not be as spam.

fifth, the return of the mail to analyze the reasons: a lot of time our mail may not be able to successfully send, so return is a normal phenomenon. But we must identify and timely treatment of these messages, if too many times, we are sending the message is returned to the number is too large, then our email address will be mail carriers, there may even be blacklisted.

sixth, a large company more appropriate PR: if we are large sites, because the number of users is very large, so I often send mail volume will reach hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions, it is very difficult to ensure that all the mails are sent successfully, may also directly into the trash, even the blacklist, so for the large size of the site, need to contact with the operator, the appropriate public relations.

seventh format, content is very important: on the one hand, whether the message into the dustbin of customers is very important to have a great relationship with their content, do not use special symbols, and don’t use to arouse the attention of the dazzling font or font size, and picture the best don’t use too much, these details are very important.


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