Experience circle of friends marketing actually need to move the brain


, one can say that is an epoch-making product, in addition to conventional chat, WeChat has become more and more with each other feelings, information sharing tools, even in all aspects of our lives began to penetrate, so we cannot do without WeChat. The vision of friends also began to focus on WeChat circle of friends to start their own products and services promotion. Perhaps it is a huge market, WeChat circle of friends marketing has become a new type of marketing. However, how to do WeChat marketing circle of friends? After all the failures we have seen too much, blind friend. The effect is not good, so what kind of marketing circle of friends is the true king of

?In fact,

said that before this question, we first talk about the advantages of WeChat circle of friends. Find its advantages, to be able to make better use of advantages, which is the fundamental marketing. WeChat’s biggest advantage is the high exposure rate. If you send a message in the circle of friends, basically 80% of people can see this information, but also to maintain the relationship between friends circle of friends, this is a strong relationship. Strong relationship, which is conducive to marketing.

so, in the WeChat circle of friends marketing, then increase the amount of your friends is very important. In this process, you need to use your charm to increase your attention. A lot of people will come to attract the public attention to sweep through the WeChat way, but this is a relatively old-fashioned way, the lack of new ideas. The way to increase the vicinity of friends, but also with a little bit of non mainstream, so in the way of increasing the need for a certain degree of innovation. Of course, I share a dry cargo in this also, there is time to add friends, we must carry on a classification to the friend attribute, at least from the current situation, to better add some male users, so this requires us in the process of marketing should always pay attention to each other’s sex. There is a circle of friends called beauty marketing marketing, disguised as a girl with a strange man near the early exchanges, and getting their circle of life through the exchange of information, then this part of the crowd was a summary and analysis, selected high-quality customers, and then I want to be independent "and other slogans to announce their sellers in a suitable when the machine, because of pre communication, then the user will be male patient on you, and this as long as reasonable control frequency and good quality of product information, so it is easy to make achievements. This is the God of wealth to share things out, I also share in this. After all, this is an innovative way to add friends.

perhaps, in the twenty-first Century marketing era. Innovation can bring new vitality. WeChat to add friends is also true. For example, you can take a few interesting WeChat name, let the public have a desire to explore, this is also a good choice oh! At the same time, you need to use all available resources to carry out this step, to maximize the effective use of resources to realize the value of.

secondly, you need to take advantage of WeChat’s interactive. In general, in a variety of media, WeChat

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