Classification information network to promote the combination of the normal line

information classification network, regional strong, clear object. My information classification network Henan 361 degrees is for the Zhengzhou area, so I focus on promoting the city of Zhengzhou.

promotion method:

1, QQ group promotion. Add more local groups to add 100 local QQ group, or more, so to apply for QQ, to dozens of The more, the better.. This is a large group of 500 people, there are small groups of 170-180 people, then 200× T = 20 thousand, was T on it, anyway, also made.

2, QQ friends promotion. Recommend your site to your local QQ friends and local students, so that your classmates or QQ friends to send your website information to his group.

3, University Campus promotion.

(1) university campus poster promotion. The campus generally has the poster, it is important to find a striking position, write a simple poster, one or two sentences on the website, website to write a little, in order to allow more students to see, because students have a lot of time on the internet. University campus is relatively large, it is recommended that each campus a few more, so that more people see.

(2) university campus forum. General universities have their own forum to register a number, brush grade, BBS signature the most basic hang up your web site, some low grade can’t use forum code. I found some university forum advertising pages, you can send. So the energy is limited to focus on a few forums, often speaking at the forum, to be a webmaster best, good leadership forum, so as not to send advertising titles.

(3) to go to other large forum promotion.

4, holiday promotion.

(1), such as the Mid Autumn Festival eleven, for 5 students, wearing a custom-made T-shirt, holding a balloon, go to the mall, supermarket, intersection.

(2) to do a few plastic brand double-sided, slightly larger, the same to find a few people wearing a T-shirt, holding a brand shopping malls, supermarkets and people at the entrance of the intersection. After the event brand and T-shirt can be reused.

(3) and do a few banners hanging in the large flow of people on the bridge, after each of the private cars and buses here people will see some places under the overpass, there are traffic lights, so that better, there are nearly 60 seconds at a time. Urban management rarely vacation time, so will the banner hanging around for several days, may not be the same, some strict.

(4) leaflets.

printed small leaflets, black and white on the line, the financial resources can be printed large, more beautiful. Find a few students billing, wear their custom T-shirts, 30 dollars a day, working 6-7 hours.


(a) custom T-shirts, each piece of 20->

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