Summary of 2 cases of grade marketing

      yesterday finishing some of the marketing 2 cases, these cases are the classic marketing of the 2. Repeatedly read, benefited ah. Today, the idea of sorting out, talk about my understanding of marketing 2.

      from these cases, although there are differences in marketing products and services, there are several common.

      first, entertainment

      different from traditional marketing, marketing 2 in the process of operation, more is to commercialize, and pay more attention to the experience of entertainment elements. To sell hamburger with good chicken animation, promotion website relies on highly entertaining color personality service, yellow ball is one of the entertainment movement, including the "classic masterpiece Chinese local Baidu know better Chinese" is also a show of color comedy entertainment, and so on, the result is that the case has achieved incredible success. Entertainment can be brought about by a wider audience, more attractive products and services.

      second, low participation cost

      the user’s participation cost directly determines the enthusiasm of user participation. If the user participation cost is very high, regardless of how many personalized services and products, to create value, are difficult to achieve viral. Because of viral transmission requirements of the implementation of extremely wide audience, rather than the so-called high-end users. So reduce the user participation cost is based on the spread of viral. For example: digital photos, New York times square screen, LEXUS new car, users need only photography, upload. For the two cases: the movie "WEDDING CRASHERS" wedding Crashers from DIY, as long as the user you want to paste photos can achieve their effect. Also for other cases, the user’s participation costs are very low. 2 marketing need to consumers to integrate the whole industry chain, design and marketing for consumers to participate in all aspects, only allow consumers to achieve these are within reach.

      third, vanity grasp

      this has been mentioned in the user’s driving force. Today, look at these 6 cases and found that the marketing of 2 is also crucial to grasp the vanity. Why is it important? Because this is a personalized era, the user’s own unprecedented strong. The entertainment of the self, to show themselves in the pursuit of the status of the community, the pursuit of social recognition is an objective need for users. The 5 case is not to prove this point, the most dynamic yellow ball to participate in the celebrity, and even the parents of the children in order to get a celebrity signature ball, crazy into this activity

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