SEO is not the only way to get traffic

had participated in the Internet on the Internet is relatively well-known and very large scale SEO training platform. Through this platform let me on the website construction, website operation and SEO optimization has a new concept, also from that time to know what is the directional flow, what is the exact flow. But because of this platform is to do SEO training, so they give the students explained on the website ranking process is probably from the site, the construction site -SEO optimization (update + crazy chain) – directional flow. This model and process for pure SEO is no problem, but after all, not everyone will SEO, not all sites can be promoted by SEO. SEO is not the only way to get the site traffic, the following Lanzhou SEO with a little understanding of their own to share the site access to traffic.

a, SEO optimization.

in a long period of time, SEO is an important way to promote the site as a result of the influence of the group or another batch of students. On the promotion of SEO methods and characteristics in the Internet has been there are too many content, where the Lanzhou SEO is no longer too much exposition. But the site to do SEO optimization has a fatal weakness is the fate of the site to the search engine". Once you violate the rules or excessive optimization, etc., the search engine to bring you the results only K station. So do not optimize the SEO as the only means of marketing website.

two, promotion platform.

said the auction platform, we all know that Baidu for promotion and Google Adsense two platform, but with the Google business line was closed, Baidu promotion has now become the most common pay promotion business. Bid to promote the pay for performance, we use the appropriate words, when someone in the search for these words through the auction platform to your site to produce an effective strike will pay for the auction platform, therefore for promotion to bring traffic can be more accurate. The biggest difference between the promotion of SEO and the promotion of the auction is to pay for the promotion, as long as the total price to pay the platform will immediately have an endless stream of traffic, and SEO is a relatively long process. So for some of the timeliness of the content or business opportunities if you want to choose SEO promotion is unrealistic, and so you optimize your keywords when the business has long been missed.

three, word of mouth and brand.

The main source of traffic

some enterprise website is through brand publicity, although they also do SEO promotion or promotion, but the brand effect, the main source of traffic are such as: Baidu search, Taobao, Sina and other portals are through brand to get traffic.

four, other promotion methods.

a few days ago and a few friends in the chat about the present than

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