Fragmented era of soft advertising services which

network promotion is a hot word in the process of commercialization of the Internet, then what is the network promotion?

The promotion of the

network in general can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft wide wide spread, hard wide can be divided into: keyword bidding, web promotion, is usually the most direct means for enterprises to obtain traffic and customers, but in recent years, network information fragmentation and with the inter industry competition and more intense, hard wide advantage gradually weakened, resulting in the word-of-mouth marketing, interactive marketing, content marketing has attracted more and more attention and application of enterprise information, the fragmentation of many enterprises in the selection of soft wide when do not know how to operate, today is for everyone to talk about the classification of soft wide.


soft wide literally, is reflected in a soft word, it can be said to moisten things silently, in the absence of information will be communicated to consumers. Soft wide can be divided into the promotion of promotion (word of mouth marketing), search products, interactive promotion (content marketing), 4 categories of mobile micro publicity. First talk about the classification of search products:

search products can be divided into:

1 Q & A know: Baidu know, 360 questions and answers and other questions and answers to the channel release and reply to the keyword

2 encyclopedia promotion: Baidu encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia encyclopedia building, links, and content of

3 map promotion: Baidu maps, and Google map search, online geographic mark

4 stick promotion: Baidu post promotion. Can build the brand post bar, and affect the mobile Internet

5 drop-down and related: drop-down words and related search increases to facilitate customer search and increase the impression

6 certification promotion: customer service certification, the official website of certification, security alliance certification, Sogou official website

7 Library Promotion: Baidu library, Douding nets library, road passenger Baba, 360doc

8.SEO Optimization: through the station outside the station keywords optimization, increase the site and keyword collection and ranking this is the basis of network promotion

release is also called outside promotion can be divided into:

1 news release: portal, industry network, local network, news network news release

2 home page recommendation: Channel Home recommendation (to provide the game news, entertainment news, video recommendation, the forum recommended)

3: Forum promotion forum released, including

thread, interaction, comment, highlight top etc.

4: information publishing pages web enterprise information publishing, city sites and classification of website information

5 video promotion: potatoes, Youku, Sina video, Baidu video release, six optimization and placement of

6 group promotion: QQ group, Wangwang group, MS>

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