Nine Orange Network letter to talk about Shanghai Telecom broadband Enterprise Station Promotion

came to Shanghai nine Orange Network letter has been there for 2 months, but also a basic understanding of the company’s business processes. At present, the focus of my work is nine orange network station outside the letter to promote and enhance the flow of 5351 projects.

Including the network marketing method of

is common: search engine marketing (including search engine registration, search engine optimization, keyword advertising, advertising and other forms of bidding), online advertising, exchange links, email list marketing, permission Email marketing, online store marketing, online auctions, online membership marketing, viral marketing, information release, network community marketing, network marketing, blog marketing and so on. And I want to focus on the ways to improve the enterprise site traffic and entertainment flow methods. If there is inappropriate, please correct the instructions.

1 traffic: due to the company’s search engine marketing has invested a lot of money. You can get a lot of popular keywords ranking before, so we mainly do is to raise the unpaid keywords ranking, of course, pay keywords ranking also to track optimization. I generally use the following methods:

1) as far as possible in the promotion of the use of the length of the popular keywords. Avoid too precise keywords, because most of the Internet users are not very understanding of the search.


) to classified information network (market, 263, edeng, the only passenger, 58 city, to 114, word of mouth, Tianya classification, 263 page ranking is the highest sensitivity) released product keywords, title must be the product key words complete expression, if there is extra bytes can name and phone attached. Generally within 2 days, it will be search engine grab, get a better ranking position. (a short time to see the most obvious upgrade Baidu rankings)


) to some portal blogs and professional blog blog, every day a few articles with keywords article (best original or Wei Yuanchuang), title to contain the same product keywords and the name of the company. Blog enterprise product marketing is to see the long-term effect, GG ranking will be relatively clear.

4) go to the forum post. Make good use of the signature function of the forum. Do not post too much, will be deleted when the administrator AD or even IP. For high quality posts, there will be unexpected results. Skills: (non advertising area) post title so as not to appear too precision product keywords, keyword use and business close, with questions or consult the tone of the first post; not to pay link, etc. the placard can link with the first multi. Non popular Shanghai forum or the lack of management forums, can be directly used hard advertising. Direct flow to maximize performance is the forum.

The following is my

consolidation in Shanghai part of the popular forum fence net, KDS, HI test, network installation, the community, happy network, public comment, parenting chugaluging Wangwang, Mommy, the famous shopping guide, Jiayuan, ONLYLADY, Yaya, love child, the Pacific computer.

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