Wang Tong the power of the brand

a friend is a gift, every year on the water million, but the profit is not high. A sale of dozens of dollars in a single product in the most competitive when only a few cents profit.

three years ago, this man made a simple change, the rapid turnover increased a lot, the profit has become high up, single product profits even as high as a few yuan, the annual profit of billions of dollars. How did he do it?

1, registered a trademark abroad;

2, invested a designer team;

3, a steady stream of creative products design, and then look for factory processing;

4, through the network of brand packaging and promotion of the system;

5, tap the old channels and build new channels of globalization to enlarge sales.

his change is actually very simple, he just early purchase, competitors are purchasing, bidding, in addition to fix relations, or price, because the price is transparent, so the profit is very low, the later is to create a brand of its own, so that their products have unique characteristics.

this is the power of the brand!

brand is not only applicable to products, the same applies to individuals;

12 years ago, I was an unknown rookie, when I give people do network marketing services, the minimum fee of several hundred dollars;

now, the same is to provide network marketing services, our charges are ten thousand times more than the original;

Why is there a difference of tens of thousands of

?The content of the

service has been upgraded, and more importantly, the power of the brand.

if you are a person

when you have a personal brand, your opportunity can be magnified N times

if you are a business

when you have the industry brand, your performance can be magnified N times

why is the brand so powerful?

1, rapid access to customer trust, reduce customer selection costs;

business promotion is very troublesome, when customers buy products to choose more painful, especially e-commerce today, can not touch the specific products, consumers will choose more pain, often in the Taobao to buy a commodity, it may take several hours to the selection and comparison.

in the choice of time, customers will always choose the most reliable brand;

because the cost of a brand’s reputation is huge, so choose a good brand of the lowest risk.

2, to avoid price competition, access to high profits;

is also a bag, the factory produced only sell tens of dollars, paste a famous brand is on the million;

is also a mobile phone, apple can have several

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