The 2011 school year will be the theme of electricity generation power is located

in August 2011 19, the 20 held in Beijing, the third generation of e-commerce will be sent in the 800 national well-known electricity supplier CEO and industry professionals to interpret, insight into the industry opportunities, break through the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the driving force for the electricity supplier industry benign.

2011, electricity supplier crazy year

April 1, 2011, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) issued a formal announcement at micro-blog, said the Jingdong C round of financing amounted to $1 billion 500 million, the arrival of 1 billion 100 million dollars, 400 million dollars after the arrival. April Fool’s day, Liu Qiangdong announced the financing is not only alerted the electricity business sector, in all industries have caused great shock, which is the largest single private equity financing in the history of Chinese enterprise development. A corner of this round of investment Jingdong mall to obtain only the venture capital institutions in the field of electronic commerce to launch a new round of "burning" competition of the iceberg, and at the end of last year where the financing $100 million, the team will also scale from 5000 people to 20000 people, crazy growth, the logistics sector will light up to 10000 people. As billions of dollars of financing and handle, such as Wo Wo Group group purchase enterprises. Crazy as well as advertising, search keywords, navigation sites, portals and other advertising rose to 30% to 40%.

According to the

website Chinese coverage of the first statistical analysis of the data provider CNZZ statistics data show that in the first half of 2011, the total number of e-commerce sites is still in rapid growth, by the end of June, the domestic e-commerce website 2.32 million, compared to January increased by 21.38%. June the total number of Internet users visited the site of the year reached 376 million, compared with an increase of 6.89% in January.

in the overall scale, as of late June, the domestic total online retail sites 1.24 million, compared to January increased by 6.55% in June, the total number of Internet users visited the online retail website has reached 318 million, compared to the same period last year increased by 33.42%. In November 2010 the United States (micro-blog) announced the acquisition of 48 million stake in 80% coo8 accelerated into electricity supplier, within two years, 10 billion revenue department, class B2C electricity supplier intime online line December 31, 2010 intime group for 82 days, that exceeded 10000 single. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, Suning announced in 2010 revenue 2 billion, and will be independent, and the expansion of a team of 6000 people, is expected to achieve 8 billion in 2011 revenue target. 2011 a number of crazy, with Chinese e-commerce into crazy years!

determination of finality, interpretation of the theme of the annual meeting sent on behalf of

"University" know stop and then have definite; set then can be static; static and then ANN; ANN and then can be considered; consider and then can get. There are always, things are beginning and end. Know the order, then cut. In the face of the electricity supplier of the external competitive environment, each electricity supplier must first calm down to find their place, >

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