Stationmaster net broadcast tiger sniffing for the new board listed Wang Sicong afternoon shredded R

1 tiger sniffing the network to apply for the listing of three new board revenues of $9 million 260 thousand last year,  

September 28th news, tiger sniffing technology has recently officially applied for the listing of three new board, in September 25th its listed material has been publicly disclosed in the official website of the shares transferred.

according to public information, tiger sniffing technology was founded in February 24, 2012, the company’s legal representative Lee min. As of July 31, 2015, the company employs 50 people, as of May 31, 2015, the company employs 37 people. Tiger sniffing technology board consisting of Li Min, Li Yong, Cai Yu, Jiang Chun, Chen Liang 5 directors, including the chairman Li Minren, and Chen Liang Alipay is the director of public relations.

according to the audit report of the accounting firm, tiger sniffing technology in 2013, in 2014 and 1-5 operating income was 3 million 500 thousand yuan, respectively, $9 million 260 thousand and $5 million 650 thousand.

2 from the forum to the life of the network Navy WeChat:  

hiding behind the network pushing hands finally appeared, about the unknown rules and insider.

forum from age to age of micro-blog to WeChat era, navy has been in public opinion in the teeth of the storm they claim to the opinion of ", a ".

the ups and downs, and the evolution of the Internet Chinese intertwined. They are a mirror of the social era, not only the reflection of the changing screen, as well as changes in public awareness and public opinion changes.

from the racket to busy fall, now, waiting for the Navy into the dormant period, they belong to the spring come again.

3 Ali launched the payment table domain name was the first station  

news September 28th, Ma and his recent Alibaba heavy news and almost like emerge in an endless stream, "Dabao see every day". This does not, Alibaba’s first YunOS smart watches – payment form (Pay Watch) will be listed in October 15th. However, the domain name is still the hands of others, to determine the godfather in such a hurry?

let’s take a look at the payment statement. As the name suggests, since it is called payment table, one can imagine that the main function is to pay. It is possible to quickly generate payment barcode or 2D code. When users pay to double-click the watch button on the side transfer payment code, then the merchant sweep scanning gun payment code, can also be paid even in the absence of network conditions.

4 from a messy "China Groupon" group purchase, the United States Mission dilemma  

is a group purchase, has always been an eventful year field. Experienced several times of VC and sex, also.

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