Kai Ying network Wang Yue Grassroots game Empire


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game industry has such a feature: the annual development of thousands of games, there is a very limited income. In social games started Kai Ying network (KingNet) developed the first web game "Legend of Shushan monthly income of tens of millions of dollars, and continues to grow, become the performance of Tencent third party game developers in the best.

Kai Ying network helm Wang Yue, is a self proclaimed "do not understand the game" 80. Two years, he led more than and 400 people to develop the "building" and "the Dinosaur kingdom", "hot blooded pirate king" and a variety of SocialGame friends, QQ space, landing Tencent, renren.com Facebook and other platforms, accumulated more than one hundred million users, every day can bring one hundred thousand yuan income for him.

college, Wang Yue and many students not obsessed with online games, he only played some of the most casual puzzle game, occasionally playing CS. Most of his time in the study of how to do a good job site, bigger flow. Buy the PHP manual, which need to achieve effect through which function, this is the greatest fun Wang yue.

Wang Yue helped others do graphic design, LOGO and interface, but found not to make money. Sophomore in 2002, he registered a lot of domain names, made a variety of popular sites, including download stations, music stations, etc.. In the Baidu search mobile phone ringtone, Baidu total of 76 pages, from the first page of the first page to the last page of the last ringtone download are my website."

, whether it is on the site to download software or reading, do personal stand must focus on the user experience, users will be collected." Put the contents on the first screen or the second screen, what buttons, what size, content display, how to let users like this site…… Wang Yue began to focus on user behavior and user experience.

Wang Yue recalls, a web application written, read the page search engine, Baidu update every half a month or once a month after his web sites often have millions of pages to be included in the database, the flow is very high. Many are in accordance with the registration, click and pop, download various combinations of charges. At that time, Taobao yisou, Kingsoft, YAHOO mail launched a lot of advertising. Later, Google has just entered the Chinese advertising, some of the keywords click on a $more than and 10. He did not graduate from the university to earn a few million to complete the original accumulation of venture capital.


can make a lot of money to do personal stand, but he always wanted to have the opportunity to start a business. "At that time, the SP industry is not healthy, it is difficult to operate for a long time, and then I hope to do something bigger and more valuable." In the absence of partners, contacts and other resources, Wang Yue decided to start a career and then start a business.

graduated that year, Wang Yue in a station >

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