Renamed Shanghai Shanghai river network domain name hujiang com is enabled

renamed China ( April 20th news, today, the famous Internet learning platform Hujiang network announced renamed shanghai". Go to the "network", the Shanghai VI system, logo and slogn are also new, only the domain name is still kept unchanged, Larry domain


: Shanghai home

It is reported that the domain name is

, Shanghai through the purchase price of the Chinese platform ". Shanghai operating company is Shanghai and cross culture dissemination limited company, is located in Shanghai, shanghai". "Jiang" is refers to the Huangpu River in Shanghai, educational resources, such as the surging river. Go to the "network", "Shanghai" directly with the domain name

Shanghai completed B round of financing in the previous year, last year Baidu is to obtain $100 million in financing. Shanghai worth a lot of money, the value of the domain name also followed up. The renamed at the same time, the new home page is also synchronized on-line. A new look at the interface, will also enable users to the domain name has a new feeling.

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