The 17 year old students to increase website hits 250 pornographic articles for reprint

edit reminder:

              a pornographic website caught and sentenced case we have done a lot of reports, here again remind the webmaster friends website there is no shortcut to success, to rely on their own struggle and efforts to fight, don’t take any chances to do some illegal things, otherwise eventually harm to others.

            live in Hubei Yunxian 17 year old students kogusu, in order to improve the running the site click rate, to the site from the Internet to reprint 250 pornographic articles, only 3 months time, the number of browsing these articles up to about 300000 times. In September 16th, Tianchang people’s court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials on the defendant sentenced to control a year kogusu.

in July this year, the Chuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Information Network Security Supervision Detachment on the Internet found in search of "good body art" website has a large number of pornographic articles, investigation immediately, and in July 22nd the defendant will be arrested.

examined, in March this year, the defendant kogusu through online transactions, rented in Tianchang Anhui eSpeed network science and technology limited company server, open "good body art" website. In order to improve the website click rate and popularity, from the beginning of April, the increase of "adult fiction" column on the website, 250 articles to the obscene column, reprinted from the Internet as of July 16th, the browsing times can reach 305134.

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